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Yahoo Tech Support

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Error Code 1242

Getting error code 1242 on Yahoo mail cause irritation for its users because it resists Yahoo mail users to send their mail or even receive it. In that condition, you should find why Yahoo email error code 1242 occurs and how you can fix it. Well, if you are looking for the troubleshooting steps then you should get help through Yahoo customer care number 1-844-794-2515. This is a toll-free number and on this call, experts provide exact solutions for Yahoo mail hiccups all the time means day and night.  

The reason for having 1242 error code on Yahoo mail:

  • If you have deleted an important file from windows.
  • Due to corrupted files on Windows System file.
  • Virus, malware attack or suspicious activity.
  • If you have installed any application on your system that is corrupted or incompletely installed.

When you find the reasons why this problem appears, you should opt for troubleshooting. If you haven’t enough knowledge of how to fix it just perform the steps given below. But if you h

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How to Fix Yahoo Error 999

While accessing Yahoo email you can confront errors that can be permanent or temporary depending upon the nature of the error. These errors are accompanied by a code which consists of alphanumeric values along with a message. For example Yahoo error code 999- Unable to process request at this time. You can resolve this issue on your own but it is recommended to get in touch with Yahoo customer suppor 1-844-794-2515 so as to get an effective remedy for this problem. The support teams are available throughout the day in 24 hours to help and guide their esteemed and trusted customer.

This temporary Yahoo error 999 can arise because of many reasons and can block you to access your mail account. The possible causes are:

  • Due to malware or viruses
  • When the cookie is not enabled
  • Connectivity issue

In order to solve this issue you must follow the solution steps accordingly given in this blog:

How to Fix Yahoo Error 999

Use another Computer

  • If you are witnessing the issue on your s
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Quick steps to increase the security levels of Yahoo email account

Are you concerned about your Yahoo account security? Are you facing some issues with your email? Do you want to increase your account security? Then you are reading the right blog as all of your questions regarding the account security will get answered. Nowadays, internet security is burning issue and every person is worried about the security of the information they have shared online. You will know about some quick steps to increase the security level of Yahoo email account. In case you have any doubts regarding the same then it is advised to reach out to Yahoo customer care number 1-844-794-2515 for the guidance related to the issue.

Yahoo always works on making the email experience of its valuable users safe. By providing various security features, this email service providers give all-round security from the scams or hackers.

By adopting the following points you can increase the security level of your Yahoo account.

  • Setting a strong password – this is the best way to get you
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Contact Yahoo tech support settle your issues expeditiously and properly

Yahoo is the second biggest web-based mail service in internet. Yahoo mail is the most unique and productive email benefit known to the web clients, that is the reason a huge number of Yahoo clients have understood its capability in proficient condition. Individuals never again utilize customary sends, versatile sms or other email administration to speak with the rests in their expert set up; rather they are presently acclimated with Yahoo and with its incredible numerous highlights to speak with the others in their work put. Moreover, Yahoo tech support number is preserved by these regular Yahoo users to refer in case of any issues that is hampering their normal activities through Yahoo.

 yahoo customer support

When people use Yahoo?

 The elementary purpose of Yahoo for which it is used so vastly is for smooth sailing communication process. Yahoo has completely revolutionized the whole communication system altogether. Yahoo’s most dynamic applications. Hence, Yahoo account holders find it very useful pa

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How to troubleshoot blank screen issue while sign in Yahoo email

Yahoo email is free webmail available over the world. There are so many users who use its business version which is paid. The features and services of Yahoo email are amazing therefore it has millions of customers. There are some users who get technical trouble with Yahoo email, therefore customer care is always available here. Through Yahoo customer care number 1-844-794-2515 users can resolve all kind of mail issues. Are you frustrate because whenever you try to sign in Yahoo email account the screen turns blank? To solve this condition users need to try the given steps.


How to fix blank screen issue while sign in Yahoo email?

If you are getting blank screen error while sign in Yahoo mail, there may be several reasons. First of all, you need to find out the reason behind this error and fix it.

Steps to resolve blank screen issues:

  • Sign out & sign in the email account:

Sometimes most of the issues get solved by just sign out the Yahoo account & after few minutes you sign

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