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Editing, Proofreading, Optimizing, Revising and Reformatting Content

Do you have an editing project that you need to finish, but have no time to do it? We can use our careful eyes to review academic papers, proposals, policies, technical reports, online courses and content for your WordPress website. Working with me will save you time and reduce your stress for a reasonable cost.

  Do You Need Proofreading? Don’t worry! We’ll Revise Your Documents

The Write Approach Professional Services is pleased to include two customized revisions to your resume writing and/or cover letter for a specific opportunity with 60 days of delivering your first draft. This value added service gives our clients a competitive advantage due to our expertise in writing customized documents. If you need more revisions, we will gladly help you!

Beside helping people find and secure new job opportunities, we are proud to work with businesses and business owners in the following industries across Canada and the United States:

  • Digital marketing
  • Promotional materials
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4 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

I have seen a lot of articles online about what not to do when writing your resume. While I agree with some of this advice, there are 4 mistakes I repeatedly see. Here are some tips that I follow, and share with my clients when writing and help with resume.

  Illegible Fonts

Start by choosing a legible, professional-looking font. Though there are several different font families, most job-seekers choose serif — a stylized font with tails and other decorative markings, such as Times New Roman. Sans-serif fonts appear simpler, such as Arial. Two of my favourite serif fonts are, Georgia and Garamond. I often use Verdana and Tahoma when I am looking for a “clean” font choice for a document. As far as fonts I stay away from, I do not use Brush Script because it’s hard to read, Impact looks very heavy and Comic Sans is not a wise choice for a professional document.

Inappropriate Length

It has been proven that recruiters and employers only take 11 seconds (or less) to review you

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