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Wordpress Development

10+ awe-inspiring Web Development Tools and Resources

The best and worst issue regarding being an Web developer is that the Web is consistently ever-changing. Whereas this is often exciting it conjointly means Web developers should always be proactive regarding learning new techniques or programming languages, adapting to changes, and be willing and desperate to settle for new challenges. This might embrace tasks like adapting existing frameworks to fulfill business necessities, testing an Web site to spot technical issues, or optimizing and scaling a website to raise perform with the back-end infrastructure. we tend to thought we might compile a comprehensive list of new development tools and resources that may assist you to be a lot of productive, keep enlightened, and become a far better developer.

Web Development Tools and Resources for 2018

A lot of these web development tools below square measure ones we tend to use at Key CDN on a day after day. we tend to can’t embrace everything, however here square measure a handful of our fav

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Tips for Improving the Speed of a WordPress Site

On the web nearly 40% visitors who are leaving a website during surfing when the website takes more than 3 seconds to load. One second delay in website loading resulting in 7% drop in conversion rate. Moreover, boosting your website speed just 2% results in 74% hike in conversions. Google has introduced seed as one of the page ranking factors after 2010.These statistical figures indicate the significance of speed of a website in its success. WordPress platform has lion share on the web, and anything enhances the WordPress website can leave greater impacts on the whole web community.Therefore, today I would like to discuss some useful and efficient tips to improve the WordPress website.Monitoring Website Loading SpeedBefore saying anything more, I would like to clarify that we have to constantly monitor the website page loading speed using the latest tools available in the market to decide whether we have to go for the major changes or minor changes.These tools provide clues regarding l

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