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Anti-Jamming Market for GPS worth $5.50 billion by 2023

The overall anti-jamming market for GPS was valued at USD 3.53 billion in 2017 and projected to reach USD 5.50 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 7.34% during the forecast period.

GPS was originally developed for military purposes and has proven to be essential for land, air, and sea navigation for the accurate positioning for a wide range of military applications. The military GPS/global navigation satellite system (GNSS) devices are highly recommended for applications related to force deployment, logistical support, and vehicle navigation—such as GPS-aided navigation systems for aircraft and unmanned vehicles, handheld receivers for soldiers, and navigational devices for vehicles. Signal jamming is a major threat to the military operations based on GPS. GPS jamming devices broadcast signals in the same frequency as used by satellite navigation, which results in false location information. It can also lead to the disruption of satellite transmissions. A few military applications, such as

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FenSens Smart Wireless Parking Sensor

FenSens is a license plate based smart wireless parking sensor on your smartphone. It's an affordable UPGRADE for ANY Car installing in less than 5 min, with no wires, and includes a hands-free App (Android/iOS) that launches instantly providing convenient audio, visual, and vibration alerts when objects are detected in front or behind your vehicle. No complex setup or installation fees. Use your smartphone with an included app. Easy-to-use App launches hands-free instantly even if your phone is in your pocket (iOS receives a click-to-launch push notification).


• App launches instantly hands-free and allows you to easily access other connected car apps (Works best with screen lock off and iOS receives a click-to-launch push notification). App can launch with Siri and Google Voice Commands after hitting the TAP button once. Say "Open FenSens" anytime and the app will launch on Android. On iOS you an also tap the home screen button to launch Siri, then say "Hey Siri, launch FenSens

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Five Reasons Why People Love Mivi Bluetooth Headphones

Good music is something that can make anyone's mood feel better. There are loads of options in headphones these days and you would love to note that wireless earphones are making some real noise in the audio industry these days. Mivi  Bluetooth headphones are among the best available in the market today and there are lots of reasons why people prefer them.  

  1. An immersive experience that isn't available anywhere else

You can experience one of the best sounds with great clarity. The bass is deep and the clarity is really good. The collar helps in intensifying the sound and lets you experience the most authentic sound experience. It has an aptX codec integrated to enhance the music and produce an unparalleled sound quality. 

  1. Get crystal clear calls

These headphones from Mivi have all the potential as it incorporates the ultra-powerful built-in mic and it makes sure that you can listen to everyone very clearly and be heard as well at the same time. 

  1. The redefining styles
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