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Greece in winter: the country’s best ski resorts (with prices)

posted by Coleen 12 days ago
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Greece is traditionally seen as a summer holiday destination, but the country also has 18 ski resorts open from December to April, which have been gaining in popularity in recent years because of their affordability. Prices for winter holidays are two to three times lower in Greece than in Austria, Switzerland or France, and certain Greek resorts offer annual membership cards at a price comparable to a weekly ticket in the Alps.

This is creating demand for tourist services and accommodation all year long, and makes inland property in Greece an equally attractive investment to real estate along the coast, especially considering the country’s golden visa program, which gives buyers of property above €250,000 a Greek residence permit. The following resorts are a small selection of what the country has to offer visitors in winter.


Parnassus is 180 km from Athens. It is Greece's largest and the most modern ski resort and was opened in 1976. it is located aslope the eponym

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How to Watching Winter Olympics 2018 in United Kingdom

UK residents can watch Winter Olympics live streaming very easily. The solution is simply BBC.Other than countries where no proper streaming services are available, UK and USA are the countries where users have many options to watch the Olympics stream.

In this article, we are going to provide a detailed method about how to watch Winter Olympics especially in UK.

First of all you would be glad to know that you guys have the simplest solution, yes it's BBC.

Be known that BBC will provide the live stream of entire Olympics event on BBC Sports website. Luckily, BBC is a service from UK itself and so it facilitates the UK residents very effectively.

On the top of BBC Sports Web page, you would see a Schedule Link which provides all upcoming streams of the event.

The good news is that BBC sports streaming service is free for all residents in UK. So if you are a resident of United Kingdom, you dont have to go anywhere else as you have the biggest free solution for watching the major Oly

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