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How to care and maintenance of men's wigs

posted by jesscay009 8 months ago
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     1, wash      Wash male wig is learned. Wash the wig, the first wig in the warm water (20 to 30 degrees is better) soak for 3 minutes or so, the water temperature overheating to reduce the life of the wig. Cleaning process, with a small amount of soft shampoo with hand rub, do not force too much, not so long soak, absolutely can not be lost in the washing machine, the wig may be scattered directly.

     General high-quality wig may be made from the hair of the real hair, so when washing can be used with some hair care products to keep the wig glossy, such as conditioner and so on, but when the long time without wigs, Use clean water thoroughly, can not leave any hair care products on the wig.How to maintain wigs      2, wear      Some of the senior men's wigs can be adjusted hair sets, the use is to adjust to the most appropriate size, while the wig by excessive pull. And normal hair, like a timely with a wig do not over-stimulate the wig, such as the sun exposure, acid rain, pull

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How do you wear long hair with short hair?

The first step: double check open type net was removed and used his hands to distraction.The second step: the net from up to down into the neck.The third step: then a pull up to the top of the head position, until the net margin close to hairline can be.The fourth step: then a tail knot.The fifth step: adjust the hairline, the net in the hair and rub evenly, and used a black clip on his fixed position.The sixth step: take out the prepared short hair wig and comb it with a comb.The seventh step: both hands pinch the front of the wig hair line position.The eighth step: take the wig back from the front.The ninth step: finally, use your fingers to adjust the location of the hairline of the wig so that you can finish the long hair and short hair wig.

ten step to wear a beatiful wig

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