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Why have a mobile website?

by Julius785 months ago

Creating a website, which is adapted to display on a variety of mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets, is now a standard in the e-commerce industry.The growing number of mobile Internet users forces companies and shops to implement modern marketing solutions and go beyond the standard versions of websites. 

Mobile websites, created for the users of mobile devices, from the technical point of view are not connected in any way with standard versions, the so-called desktop versions.  They usually have different, much simpler graphics, easier navigation, remodeled and shortened content, as well as a separate domain. In most cases, the domain of the mobile website is preceded by the letter "m", or is located in the domain "mobi" intended for mobile websites. Some pages contain the abbreviation "mobi" in their addresses.A well-configured mobile page automatically detects that the user is using a mobile device and loads in a simplified version. It is very important to link to the f

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