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Web Hosting

WordPress Hosting Scenarios Explained

Whenever you are planning to develop and launch your WordPress website, make sure to get well with the groove. Focus on the hardware part strongly. Always keep in mind, a good hardware definitely helps in ensuring best of service quality from a web host. The RAM or memory, along with disk space, and processing power definitely play a big part in controlling the overall performance of the site.  

WordPress hosting is a big responsibility and your hardware configuration definitely plays a crucial role in the process. The usage of CPU and RAM depends largely on the kind of website content along with the number of visitors entering the site regularly. Say for example, if you have developed a content that seems to be gone viral, the average hosting plan being offered at significantly lower rates may not be sufficient to handle the traffic. Thus, the end result will be slowing of the site and creating negative impacts.  

It is not only about the disk space that plays a significant role. Th

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Access Single User Mode - Reset Root Password in Linux

by sanaahaarika6503 months ago

For resetting the root password of the server there will be a need to boot into a single user mode. Accessing the manage section of the server in the customer portal and then following these steps. The option depends on the bootloader version of the machine: If you are looking for the best web hosting india then you can go with HostingRaja. Who is India's #1 hosting provider with amazing features, and discounts.


CentOS 6

  • Clicking the [View Cosole] for accessing the console and then click the send CTRL+ALT+DEL button on the top right. You will also be able to click the RESTART for restarting the server. The option depends on the bootloader version on the machine.
  • After clicking it you will be able to see the GRUB boot prompt which will tell you to press any of the keys, you will only be having few seconds for pressing a key for stopping the automated booting process.


CentOS 7

Click on the [View Console] for accessing the console and then click the send CTRL + ALT + DEL bu

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Why Choose Windows Hosting?

Windows web hosting is the right solution for hosting, it makes sure that there is elevated compatibility between the software and hardware. Windows is the trusted operating system and used all over the world. And it provides enhanced security and convenience. It also has a wide range of software that is widely used and trusted for website improvement and development. Windows hosting provides maximum compatibility with windows based software.

Web hosting based on Windows offers a simple hosting solution which makes it possible to build compatibility between software and hardware. Windows is a very popular name in the industry and is being used around the world as a result of its decent accessibility. The Windows-based hosting services permit good compatibilities and functions at optimum under the Windows environment. Windows has become popular over the years and has risen as a favorable option for web hosting.

Benefits of using Windows Hosting:

1) Lesser complex - Windows Hosting

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What is the biggest difference between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting?

by tezhost5 months ago

Differences between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

Sites Hosted on the Server: With a shared hosting package, there are a unit alternative organizations that host their sites on the server, right aboard your organization. a dedicated hosting arranges means your organization is that the sole user hosted on the server.


Costs: With shared hosting, the server’s resources area unit shared among many users – thus operative prices area unit distributed among the users. This makes shared hosting cheaper, and ideal for smaller organizations or businesses simply commencing to establish their web presence.

Because a dedicated server is devoted alone to 1 user, it prices a lot of. but – there’s a benefit! With a dedicated server, you’ve got way more operational flexibility to subsume traffic spikes, customize your server or install specialized code to fulfill your wants

Website Blacklisting: Shared servers introduce a noteworthy risk vector: there’s an opportunity that Google and alte

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SSD VPS Hosting Servers

SSD's are very fast and reliable. SSD VPS is the latest version of Virtual Private Servers. The major difference between Non-SSD VPS and SSD powered VPS hosting is the type of storage space used by servers. In SSD VPS servers, SSD’s are used as default medium of storage which works better than Hard Disk Drive (HDDs). And you can also try HostingRaja SSD VPS hosting for faster and better results.

While using SSD VPS hosting you can find the below differences:

1) In SSD VPS the transfer of data and bandwidth is fast because it consists of super fast reading/writing.

2) SSD storage comes with high-speed reading/writing competencies.

3) SSD is fast compared to HDDs as the data has not to be read by moving structure which is the biggest advantage of SSD VPS.

4) SSDs is the execution of the storage media and SSD VPS server comes with good server response time which results to lower latency than Non-SSD VPS.

5) SSD is a lightweight, structural robustness and anti-vibration structure an

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Best VPS Web Hosting Server

Virtual Private Server or VPS Server is a virtual machine and it will be provided by a web hosting service provider. VPS server runs its own OS (Operating System). VPS servers are a mixture of both the shared hosting and a dedicated hosting. In VPS server a client can install any type of software for the OS. VPS servers are equivalent to a dedicated server and it can be easily configured. Cost of a VPS server is low when compared to dedicated servers. VPS servers have the capacity of sharing the physical hardware with other VPS servers, performance might fluctuate depending on the workload of different virtual machines. 

The main advantages of a VPS server for medium business are that you will have entire access to the VPS operating system without any barriers. And it permits the user to configure the VPS and to achieve the requirements. In VPS server the users can also opt for additional hosting on the server such as Protocol, Mail server, File Transfer or any other applications, and

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Choosing the best VPS Server

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, it is a hosting plan that will give you absolute control and freedom when it comes to the account. It has been likened to having your own dedicated server. Having mentioned that, both VPS and a dedicated server is not the same. There could be other users and hosting accounts on at the same time but without any effect on the VPS account. It is just a virtual segment of the server. Simply put, you may have other accounts running on your same server which do not affect your own VPS account. 

So today if you are looking for best VPS hosting provider for your website then go with HostingRaja. Because HostingRaja is one of the most trusted dedicated hosting providers for Linux Dedicated Hosting in India. They have 1,50,000+ VPS, dedicated, cloud, web hosting and domain customers. HostingRaja is the only hosting company in India that offers a free control panel with enhanced security features built-in and ensures website optimization too. They also prov

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Haga que su sitio web sea accesible con alojamiento web

Los establecimientos y las personas a quienes les gusta tener presencia en línea pueden tener un sitio web o página web, para que su página se vea a través de internet es necesario contar con el servicio de un alojamiento web. Un proveedor de servicios en alojamiento web proporciona servicios o tecnologías que se requieren para que una página web o sitio web se pueda ver en línea. Los servidores que se utilizan para alojar sitios web cuentan con características y configuraciones especiales para cumplir con este propósito.

Cuando las personas requieren tener presencia en línea, todo lo que tienen que hacer es escribir la dirección de su sitio web que también se conoce como dominio en el navegador. La mayoría de las empresas de hospedaje web necesitan que usted sea el propietario del dominio para que pueda hospedarse con ellos. La compañía de alojamiento te ayudará a comprar un dominio si no tienes uno.

Alojamiento web hecho fácil

Hay empresas de alojamiento web que le ofrecen una amp

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Useful Free website hosting with PHP and MYSQL

free website hostingHosting a website online can cost hundred or even thousands of dollars per year. But what if you could get all of the facilities of a paid host such as PHP 5 & 7 support, MySQL databases, 10GB of webspace and hosting on a cloud infrastructure all for free?

Well with Turnkeyresellerwebhosting you can. Their free hosting service give you 10GB of professional quality website hosting for either a business or personal website for absolutely zero cost. It isn't a trial offer either you can continue using the free webhosting for life.

The free hosting comes with the easy to use 1 click installer for lots of top software so whether you want to create a online ecommerce site with Prestashop or Opencart or a blog with Wordpress then you can be up and running in minutes with no technical knowledge required.

Head over to their website and sign up now for your free hosting

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