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Warehouse Management System India

Warehouse Hardware solutions in Brilliant Info System Pvt ltd

1) Barcode scanner: - Barcode scanners emerged shortly after the introduction of wireless technology and have become a staple in many WMS today. A barcode scanner is a hardware device used by many companies to read barcodes in the warehouse, print out product information or labels, and log products into the warehouse management system’s database. Barcode scanners can come in many sizes, shapes and forms depending on the company’s intended use for the hardware.

 2) Smartphones: - A mobile computer is basically a barcode scanner with a display screen and its own operating system. The hardware was designed to act like a portable PC with barcode scanning capabilities. As mobility became more desirable, companies began to adopt more mobile warehouse management hardware solutions. While not the most common piece of warehouse management hardware, smartphones are beginning to emerge onto the hardware scene. Many companies have started using smartphones as data collection devices. Smartphones

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Pick To Light Warehouse

In complex warehouses there are number of picking zones and picking locations. In such warehouses, there are number of orders and number of picks to be performed each hour and for this, warehouse staff must be fast and accurate so that customer orders are fulfilled with satisfaction.

Over the time, there have been a number of technological inventions in warehouse systems and one of those is the “pick to light” system.

Pick to light is one of the advance technology of picking which provides an accurate method of picking and assembling of products and it is completely paperless system.

How Pick To Light Works

The basic system include lights above the racks or bins, and at each product location there is alphanumeric display. Barcode of particular order is assigned to picking container. Container then goes to the picking zone with help of conveyor belt. At picking zone, operator will scan a barcode that is on a picking container which represents the customer order. Barcode scanner is i

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