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Fix Printer Driver issue in Windows 10 OS

by windows10blackscreen24 days ago

While trying to print something in printer are you getting a status on your Windows 10 system that “printer Driver not available error”? This problem may arise due to different reasons like printer driver isn’t up to date, or got corrupted. So, the first option you need to check if the printer driver is up to date or not. If this is the situation go through below troubleshooting steps to solve it.

 Reinstall the printer driver

As discussed corrupted driver is the origin of such error on Windows 10. So, we need to install a right kind of driver to troubleshoot such error. Steps to follow

  1. Press Windows +R
  2. As soon as run command appears enter devmgmt.msc and click on ok
  3. Find out the printer driver
  4. Click on it and uninstall it first
  5. Now download the right one and install it following the instructions

Manually Installing Windows 10 Update

If your Windows 10 operating system update is on Turned Off mode then this might one of the reasons why your printer driver is not up to date

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Advanced Options to access Windows 10 in BIOS Settings

It is very unfortunate for the users however you may find yourself occasionally searching for BIOS settings. It is not that difficult as well as not easy too to do BIOS settings, however you might need of help from any expert technicians to do settings without any error. If you need such help contact Windows 10 Customer Support anytime to get easy support .

    BIOS or (Basic Input / output ) exist inside the operating system located in the firmware. They allow to configure in which order you can underlat the hardware settings. However getting BIOS settings is dependent upon pressing a key just after the Windows 10 installation started.

Advanced Settings for BIOS-

Steps to go to Recovery screen-

  1. Go to Windows 10 desktop and click on the notification window in right hand corner.
  2. Click on settings
  3. Click on update and security button placed there
  4. Click on the recovery menu

Now you are able to access the BIOS settings to go ahead on Windows 10 installation and settings to acces

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Fix Windows 10 Update Issues in Few Steps

Unable to Play DVDs

  This is a down in feature than a glitch in flaws. It’s like Microsoft updated its latest OS without a media player, Later on on Microsoft Store it became available for users. Normally it is cost effective for other users than who upgrade the OS from Windows 7 & Windows 8. It’s a free feature available in Microsoft store for the users upgrading from Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate and Windows 8 to Windows 10.

Trouble in Running Printer

   Are you facing trouble in running printer? You aren’t the one to face this issue because this common problem for all Windows 10 users after upgrading from Previous Windows version to Windows 10. To fix printer trouble follow these steps

  • Open Control Panel
  • Devices and Printers
  • Right click on it and remove
  • Now reinstall the driver software and it will start working

Like above several other problems also may arise on your way like low virtual memory, files opening in wrong apps, Microsoft Edge Problem and many more.


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Why my PC is freezing: Windows 10 Anniversary update

Windows 10 is a well known update after Windows 7 and Windows 8 as introduced with highlighted updates that helps the users to make task much easier. But till now the problem arises on the way on every update of Windows 10. Some of them are appearing due to flaws, bugs, features issues etc. Let’s have a discussion on the most common problem arising on the way is Freezing of PC after Windows 10 update.

    There is a very specific Windows 10 Problem that freezes the operating system and lead to no function in front which even admitted by Microsoft that yes, it is an unknown issue which appearing due to storage in SSD (Solid State Drive).

    This Windows 10 Issues isn’t arising if you are starting Windows 10 in a safe mode. But now we are available with the solution on these common problems.

Use console to recover

  • Restart you PC
  • Hold shift key and power button and click on restart.
  • After PC starts click on troubleshoot
  • Click on advance options
  • Select go back to the previous bu
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Fix Windows 10 Product Activation Issue | Microsoft Windows 10 technical Support

   Windows 10 product activation issue is a very common problem for all the users , if you are a lucky users it mayn't happen. As soon as you type 25 character key

the activation process complted automatically. Let's have look at how to fix Windows 10 activation problem easily by following some simple steps.


  Know Activation Process of Windows 10


  The activation process completely dependent upon the product key and the way of installation. With the earlier version of Windows 10 or else if you are using

Windows 10 insider preview flight on a pc that has been done automatically the activation process. "Digital Entitlement" that makes the system as eligible to install

Windows 10 with a registered version of Microsoft.


Another option comes up with buying a key of Windows 10 to upgrade from Windows store. If you are reinstalling Windows 10 on that PC and then set up asks for a key

then skip the step.


Cleaning installation problem


   Instead of going through th

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2 easy Steps to solve Network Issues in Windows 10

Have you upgraded your operating system from Windows 8 to Windows 10 and interfacing network problem? Not to worry this is very simple and common problem for all Windows 10 users. Let’s have a look at the steps to follow:

Step 1

Network Troubleshooting

Windows 10 trouble-shooter can be used for solving Windows 10 Network issues. How to run network troubleshooter

  • Click on search , type troubleshooter to open troubleshooter
  • Click on Network and Internet
  • Click on Connect to Internet
  • Wizards start automatically to scan your computer for networking problems.
  • If any problem is there it Wizard will solve automatically

TCP/IP Stack Problem

This is a very common solution to reset the TCP/IP stack. Follow the steps to reset

  • Open Command Prompt
  • Type netsh int ip reset
  • netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled
  • netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
  • netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled
  • Now restart your computer and try to connect to WI-Fi , you will be able to connect .
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Windows 10 Product Key Not Working: How to fix it

Product activation is first introduced by Windows family and the process is continuing with every version after onwards. After upgrading your operating system from previous Windows version to the latest Windows 10 you need to give the product key in order to make compatible with system requirements and operating system.

   It is very common to get an activation error at first time when trying to install Windows 10.

Things you should know before activation Windows 10 key:-

  • The key should be a Windows 10 key because a Windows 7 key couldn’t do the activation.
  • Prompted to enter a product key? Click on do this later and leave t for few days. I ll happen automatically.
  • Without a product key also you can activate windows 10. Let’s understand Windows 10 product activation.

If before you are using an upgraded version of Windows 7 or 8 and now you have upgraded Windows 10 preview flight, means your system has been activated with an older version. In this case the activation process wi

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3 Easy Tips to Fix Windows 10 slow Boot Problem

Windows 10 now available with latest anniversary update which is available for all Windows 10 users. The update introduced with several new features for Cortana and streamlining the usage.

  So although everyone busy in updating Windows 10 if interfacing slow Boot problem here is the easy solutions on it.

Disabling Fast Boot

The problematic setting when it comes into eye is the Fast boot option in default enabled option. This is going to reduce start up timing by preloading boot information before PC shuts off. It sounds pretty interesting but you must disable it if you are facing booting issues.

 Virtual Memory Adjustment

It is found for user experience that Automatic update changing their virtual memory settings, creating boot problem.  So have look into the virtual memory settings and try below steps to fix the problem

Performance > Start Menu > Adjust appearance and performance of Windows > Advanced > click to edit it.

Perform a Fresh install

If after following the above st

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Microsoft Tech Support | 18559032367 Microsoft

by windows10blackscreen1 year ago

+44-800-802-1217   UK Support Service

+64 9-886 0569   NewZealand Support Service

+611-300-264-825 Australia Support Service

+ 1-855-903-2367 USA Support Service

+ 1-855-903-2367 Canada Support Service

Microsoft Tech Support service number is available for all Microsoft users to provide instant help support service at your door with 100% secure support service to you. We are the third party independent service providers from Microsoft working on several issues that users may interface while using any product and service of Microsoft to bring out the easy solutions. You can contact us at 1-855-903-2367 Microsoft Tech Support Number to get instant help on your door with 100% support service.

    Microsoft is providing different types of products with services to users to make their job easier than other services. But what about the errors arising the way like

·         Product activation error

·         Software not supportable error

·         Microsoft services error


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Windows 10 Help and Support | Windows 10 Help

+44-800-802-1217   UK Number

+64 9-886 0569   NewZealand Number

+611-300-264-825 Australia Number

+1-855-490-3999 USA Number

+1-855-490-3999 Canada Number

Windows 10 Help and Support service number for all Windows 10 customers to provide instant help support at door to get support service. Once after upgrading to Windows 10 you have to go through a continuous upgrading process because you forgot to uncheck the box of Automatic upgrade. In this concern every time your system might be getting upgraded.

     In order to avoid such issues need little more consciousness while upgrading from previous version to latest one. Contact us at 1-855-490-3999 Windows 10 Support to get instant support service from our experts and solve issues over call or else through remote access support.

    Contact us at 1-855-490-3999 Windows 10 Help and Support Number to get 100% assistance on Windows 10 issues to get easy solution. Our technical support team is trustworthy and independent with Micro

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