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Traffic Management

by whstraining2 months ago


Hi everyone. Quite often, effective risk management can come down to simply just stopping and thinking about your task before starting it. I’ll give you an example. I was picking up my daughter from school and on the way, I encountered a large truck reversing out of a driveway, with his mate directing him out from the middle of the road. The truck backed out across both lanes of traffic, and with his mate waving him to keep going, the back end of the truck started to push onto the footpath on the opposite side of the road. This probably would have been ok if it hadn’t been for the approaching earbud wearing, head down and lost in his phone pedestrian. The pedestrian was oblivious to the truck about to run him over, and the mate directing didn’t see him either. In the 2 seconds, it took for all this to happen, I got on my car horn and blared out a warning. The truck stopped, the pedestrian looked up and realised what was happe

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Risk of falls

by whstraining3 months ago


Two weeks ago, my cousin posted on Facebook a photo of herself trimming a hedge that surrounds her unit. She was standing on a plastic garden chair, so I sent her a message. I told her that as a nurse, she should know better than to use a chair to stand on and she should use a platform ladder instead. The replies I received were for me to pull my head in, as it’s only a chair and I should stop being a safety nerd. Last week I took my daughter to afterschool care and noticed the director was absent. I asked a staff member where she was and was told she was in the hospital. She had been standing on a chair in her kitchen, had fallen off and broken her back when she impacted the floor. She too probably thought, it’s only a chair, what could go wrong. Now imagine your co-workers and family. What would you do and how would you cope, if a work or family member was permanently incapacitated or killed, because they had a completely preven

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