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Why Gojek Clone is Best Solution For Business Startup? [Infographic]

If you are want to launch gojek clone app for your business startup; must read how many services offers & how its benefits for your business with infographics. Check our best gojek clone app details & services.

On-demand business services are quickly overtaking the traditional business model. The on-demand services are really blessing for the users because the services are serving anything what people want and where they want.

Since the last few years you have overheard about the Gojek application in your town. Nowadays the Gojek application in massively popular across the world. Is Gojek application is new startup; No, Gojek is starting since 2010 with a small startup.

Gojek also offers an on-demand service in the Indonesian area. The on-demand services trend rapidly increase in the last few years. As per the Statista report, the on-demand service is double in previous five years. Read More>>

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How to Startup Your Personal Errand Service Business?

Errand business service. Are you want to plan your own personal errand service business? You are at the right place, we offer errand service app development for your business startup.

What is Errand Service?

In today’s busy lifestyle working people have a not much time to complete their daily routines. They hire a someone else for the complete their task.


The people get their’s daily orders as per their capability and manage the tasks like grocery shop and deliver it, banking works, medicine shop, and more.


The process of running for someone else and complete their task its called an Errand Services. In other words, errand service is a solve the specific task for other peoples or business. Read More>>


Errand services are helping those peoples and business who have not much time to complete their daily task, so they hire home-based or office-based errands and complete their works.

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Terrific Features of Top Ride Sharing Apps

Are you want to launch your own ride sharing apps? Here we collect all the essential features of ride sharing app development with cost estimation.

In the fast life, no one has more times; everyone wants to reach their destination in short times. They almost want to go with a taxi instead of using public transports like bus, and trains.

The people also want to commute in less price. The ride sharing app is the best option for the user. In the current markets ride sharing apps are more popular than single taxi bookings.

What is Ride Sharing Apps?

Ride sharing is a sharing of car journeys, so more than one person travel in the same car. A ride sharing app development is a solution to ride passenger ahead together.

The ride sharing app is a final solution for who wants to earn more commissions with a comfortable trip. Ride sharing App services also known as carpooling and lift sharing service.

According to statista, 53% of people in the US who have used ridesharing apps.

Why Rapidl

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