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Fix A Laptop Key

posted by warenben 2 months ago
tags: laptop Repair laptop key

Like any other part, keyboard is an essential piece of a computer. Be it a desktop or a laptop, the rectangular-formed keyboard will surely be a standout feature of the computer. However, with normal usage, the keys of the keyboard become loose and have a tendency to separate. Now and again, they may get lost or broken. In case if you ever face to loose or break a keyboard key, you can fix the key by following these few steps

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Uninstall Norton Internet Security To Install Another Program

posted by warenben 3 months ago
tags: Internet security

Norton Internet Security is a very efficient and popular antivirus program available in the market. It has host of features and also provide a strong firewall protection to ward off any virus or malware attacks. However, it has certain flaws such as it takes up lot of computer resources, sometimes affecting the performance of your computer. Users, with limited computer resources often opt for programs that are lightweight on computer memory and also provide robust antivirus security. But before you could test or install any other antivirus or internet security program, you should uninstall Norton Internet Security from your computer.

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how do i speed up my video streaming

posted by warenben 3 months ago
tags: video streaming

Video streaming is one of the most widely used internet service used by computer users. Every day millions of users upload, download or watch videos online. The quality of video streaming is majorly dependent upon the speed and strength of your internet connection. So if you are facing low video streaming or buffering, your internet connection may be the issue. There are various ways by which you can improve the video streaming quality and enjoy seamless video watching experience. Read further to learn about these quick tips to increase your video streaming.

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