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Gini's "Blockchain with A Soul" Is Saving Capitalism

by vkconsultingfirm1 month ago

(NewsUSA) - "Violent revolutions are inevitable when economic and political conditions become intolerable to the masses," says Ferris Eanfar, CEO of the Gini Foundation. With the rapid rise in wealth inequality and the escalation of economic and social conflicts in recent years, it appears Mr. Eanfar's predictions are coming true.

"Yes, sadly, this is what keeps the Gini team very busy," says Eanfar, regarding the Gini Foundation, which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, economic, technology and education platform. Gini's mission is to protect human rights and prevent large-scale violence by creating a more equitable and sustainable cryptocurrency-based monetary system. According to sources familiar with the platform, compared to other cryptocurrencies, Gini is designed to work more safely and effectively in real-world commerce.

As a best-selling author and International Political Economy expert, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence (AI) architect, financial services professional, an

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