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How to get more Views on YouTube Video

How to get more Views on YouTube Video


Top 10 Tips (Short and Youtube promotionSweet)

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1. Spotlight on Quality

Nobody needs to watch faltering videos. Ensure you're making a video you and your companions would need to watch before spending exertion and cash advancing it. The better the video, the less demanding it will be to get seen.

2. Improve your video

Having a decent title, portrayal and labels utilizing catchphrases will have a tremendous effect. Likewise, remember to make a charming thumbnail that individuals would need to tap on!

3. Offer your video

Tweet it, post it, and offer it yourself. You ought to have companions or associates who might be intrigued (at any rate your mother, right?).

4. Promote Your Youtube channel 

This is the best  way to get  more views,, all you need to do is the promotion of your youtube videos

4. Discussions and Reddit

Offer your video outside of your group of friends when significant.

5. Blogging and Conte

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Best Android Tricks 2018 & Android Hacks

Android Tricks and Hacks 1. How We Can Reduce Battery Consumption

You can minimize your battery power consumption using the cool trick in developer mode explained in steps below.Go to Settings -> Developer Options.Scroll down and there look for Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale.Now adjust the scale and better is to select the 0.5x in all the above options.

2. Fake The Current GPS Location

For this, you can use the Mock the Location to make your GPS tracker fool to track your exact location which can be used by many apps to spy on you.

Go to Settings -> Developer Options.Tick on Allow Mock Location.This will fake your GPS location tracker on your Android.

3.  Make Your Device Awake while Charging

You can make your android active while you are charging it and its the best indicator so that you can enable this cool feature as:-Go to Settings -> Developer Options.Tap on Stay Awake to tick it.This will enable the phone to not off the screen unless you do so.


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