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Translation service provider

Are you in search of a reliable and accurate translation service provider in Miami? Universal Translation Services has to offer amazing translation solutions at unbelievably low rates. Having the most experienced and skilled staff in town, you can now get all types of translations without any hassle. There are unlimited benefits of using professional translation services which can allow companies to make global identity in a short period of time.

How to select the best translation agency?

Before you choose a translation agency online, there are several important factors which need to be considered. Untrained or non-skilled translators can bring huge loss to your company and business. Apart from budget, asking the translation agency for the number of certified translators and work procedure can also help you in choosing the best service provider in the area. As companies and business owners need to talk with foreign clients regularly, this is only possible if they have selected a reli

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Universal Language Service

Universal Translation Service is a premier translation and interpreter agency serving in the US for the last 17 years. With our reliable and accurate translation solutions covering more than 120 languages, our customers can get the most cost-effective rates in the translation industry. It is a big challenge to properly understand and translate complex business or legal documents for which the translators need to have the best skills and expertise.

Although there are several popular universal language service and translation agencies to be selected, but you need to make sure they have hired the best translators who are subject matter experts. The translations need to be accurate and error free in order to get accepted by the concerned authorities of US. Universal Translation Services has provided translation solutions to both international and local clients with a 100 percent acceptance rate.

Industries best suitable for translation solutions

Translations play a major role in the bus

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What Is Certificate Translation?

Do you have a document that you need to submit to a very serious office in a foreign land? Did you just go through their requirements and realized that they also require a translation of the certificates that you have obtained? Certificate translations are actually a common requirement in most foreign offices and that is why we have made them so readily available our certificate translation services.

A certificate translation looks like a simple ordeal. Certificates are usually simple in nature. They have a few lines scribbled with a couple of locations, names, and dates. You may feel that translating a certificate is so simple, you can do it yourself.

Significance: But certificates are also incredibly significant. For example, your marriage certificate is may be the most important document in your possession and one that binds your entire family. Your birth certificate is the first certificate that was issued in your name and will always be incredibly valuable and important. The deg

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Can You Describe Your Company’s Process For Multilingual SEO Services

Native SEO is becoming more and more common these days. Many multilingual sites need to have their own language based SEO in order to gain the right kind of traffic. This makes our process for multilingual SEO services an incredibly significant factor. The rules of SEO will always remain the same. You have to use the most relevant and most searched keywords for your content in the headings and distribute them evenly in the content in the right place.

Keywords in Target Language: Of course nothing can replace the significance of using good content on your website. A good SEO distribution only brings the readers to your website; they will always stay for the good content. The words that have good searching statistics in English may not have much traction in a foreign language. Every language has its own keyword pattern and you need to know the right keywords in your target language in order to place them in your content.

There are other factors to keep in mind as well while choosing yo

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Professional Translation Services in Miami

Our Miami office is specially designed to cater to novice customers with translation needs. The significance of professional translation services in a place like Miami is pretty evident. Whether you are running your business in the Miami or you visit the city for legal purposes, we are here to help you get your translation just the way it will be required by you. Our experienced team will guide you regarding the translation and will also advise you on what could be the best possible way to acquire these services, including the timeframe and the pricing. We help with certification, notarization as well as the translation that is required by the clients. This complete package makes us an attractive choice for the customers when they prefer result oriented, hassle-free services.

Customized Packages

Translation services can be needed anytime, anywhere and for multiple reasons. If you have a marriage certificate that needs to be translated, certified or notarized as well. Here, you may fi

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Birth certificate translation

Moving from one place to another always seem complicated. Mainly because it involves getting a visa, a passport, registering with a new educational institute, acquiring a new driving license and on top of all, getting a birth certificate translation if the language of the document is different from that of the place you intend to move to. For instance, if you are residing in Spain and you want to move to the UK, you'll definitely need to get your birth certificate translated from Spanish into English.

Now, the most significant aspect that one should always consider is that birth certificate translations cannot be undertaken by any person, it needs to be a certified translator. In summation to the transcribed document, he will also provide a notarized copy for you along with the original document.

In most of the cases, the regular translators are not allowed to produce birth certificate translations. This is due to the fact that they are not a part of the public notary system and they

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Best US Translation Company - Universal translation services

We Instill Creativity in your documents making them sound authentic close to original

Choosing the right kind of translation agency can sometimes be painstaking. At times you almost finalize a particular agency depending on their services and the next thing you know is that their prices are outrageously high. Similarly on other occasions when the prices suit you perfect, the services might be lacking in other particular aspects. Choosing and finalizing an agency perfectly suiting your needs on all facets is certainly a tough nut to crack demanding rigorous searching on your part. In your urge to find the best, if you are reading this then consider yourself lucky because guess what, you've landed on a perfectly suited spot.

UNIVERSAL TRANSLATION SERVICES is a best US translation company entailing one and all features. You will find us reliable, you will find us efficient and above all, you will find us professional by all means.

We translate meanings not just words

Translation is no

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USCIS translation certification

What is certification of translation?

It is a formal statement by translator undertaking that he or she has translated the foreign language document into English, accurately, with complete precision and to the best of his knowledge.

Requirements for USCIS

Immigration to the US calls for some specific requirements and their adherence to the criteria is strictly asked for, not complying with which can ultimately result in annulment of the whole process.  One of the steps is based on document submission and that too in English, for it is the official language of US. These comprise of a number of personal documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, academic transcripts etc.

Now the whole point lies in translating these personal documents into English if it is in any other language than English.

People do get attracted by convenient and cheaper methods of translation that are machine translation or they even prefer a friend or relative to do them the favor but little do

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Immigration Translation Certification

Immigration process in the United States requires a strict verification process, responsible and diligent, the State Department advises foreign nationals to get all the immigration documents translated and notarized so as to keep the documents updated all the time.

The modern corporate world has a constant and never-ending need for international interactions that require documentation with foreign nationals as well as companies. International travel and foreign interest in the local market is a very usual occurrence now. This brings upon, a substantial need for corporate as well as legal translation tasks. One major source is the aforementioned immigration documents that need to be carefully translated according to State department requirements and standards so as to actually accomplish the task of convincing the government of the customer’s case.

Certified Translations

Certified translations for all major documents are frequently needed and various formats are already in place in o

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Translation Rates: How to get a 30% to 60% discount

Many business personnel who are looking around for translation services are not new to the trade at all and know how the translation industry works. But you can save 30% to 60% by understanding the rates comparison between many different companies.

Translations are serious and delicate at times and depending on original and target language, they can be expensive too. If you are new to the market, let us explain how this goes into detail.

Translation between English and a Foreign Language: Rates in Universal Translation Service is heavily dependent on the language that the text is in and the text is going to be translated into. You need to find a person who speaks both languages. So for example, if your source language or target language is English, then you are in luck; because the whole world has taught English as the basic foreign language. So you will find individuals who will speak the other foreign language and English as a combination, readily. And thus the rates for translatio

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