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Amiga computing magazines free PDF downloads

posted by ukclearance 1 year ago
tags: Amiga computers magazine pdf

During the late 1980s and early 1990 Commodore had great sucess with their Amiga line of home computers. They took off with the release of the 16-bit Amiga A500 which had 512kb of RAM and a Motorola 68000 CPU. On this part of its specification it was quite similar to the Atarti ST but the Amiga managed to outsell the ST despite being more expensive because of it custom chips which gave it great graphics and sound, even better than the IBM compatible PCs of the time.There were thousands of superb games for the Amiga with titles such as Another World, Sensible Soccer and Turrican all debuting on the system.During the many years that the Amiga was the number one selling 16bit computer it had several print magazines available in the UK and Europe. Titles such as CU Amiga and Amiga Format sold thousands of copies per month. These retro computing magazines are now available to download for free. They have been scanned and converted to Amiga magazine PDF and are available for free

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You guys should check out this free link shortening website

posted by ukclearance 1 year ago
tags: link shorten url shortening free

This is a useful free web site if you want to generate a short url to use as links on your blogs and website. You can pick your own keyword for the short link and every short link your create will come with free stats that you can view to monitor the number of clicks on the link what website the click came from and which country. It is also handy for hiding your referrer information from the destination website as all links are ssl secured and it doesn't pass on your referrer info.

Go to the website to create your own short links for free

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Buyers guide for getting a new laptop under 200 pounds

Buying a new or replacement laptop can be a bit of a mine field and if you are limiting yourself on price you might wonder whether you can get a laptop under £200 and if you can whether it will be any good?

Well the answer is yes you can get laptops under 200 and not all of them are used or reconditioned you can get brand new laptops for less than 200.

laptop under 200

New laptops will obviously be budget models probably with celeron or AMD CPUs but will come with the latest Windows software or perhaps they will be with Google chrome OS installed. If you go for a refurb laptop under 200 then they will be from top brands such as Dell, HP or Lenovo probably come with high spec Intel processors like the I3 or I5 but they may be a generation behind on the OS with Windows 7 or 8 and not Windows 10. A refurbished laptop will be a good buy if you don't mind having a laptop that is a few years old but will probably be more reliable than a brand new budget laptop

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Useful Free website hosting with PHP and MYSQL

posted by ukclearance 1 year ago
tags: free hosting web hosting free host

free website hostingHosting a website online can cost hundred or even thousands of dollars per year. But what if you could get all of the facilities of a paid host such as PHP 5 & 7 support, MySQL databases, 10GB of webspace and hosting on a cloud infrastructure all for free?

Well with Turnkeyresellerwebhosting you can. Their free hosting service give you 10GB of professional quality website hosting for either a business or personal website for absolutely zero cost. It isn't a trial offer either you can continue using the free webhosting for life.

The free hosting comes with the easy to use 1 click installer for lots of top software so whether you want to create a online ecommerce site with Prestashop or Opencart or a blog with Wordpress then you can be up and running in minutes with no technical knowledge required.

Head over to their website and sign up now for your free hosting

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2016 smartphones and tablets supporting MHL

posted by ukclearance 1 year ago
tags: mobiles phones tablets MHL HDMI

A few years ago all major manufacturers of smartphones were producing mobiles and tablet computers that came with an MHL connection. For those that don't know what an MHL connection is, it is a form of HDMI connection for mobile devices that uses a USB connector with a special adapter to allow you to display your phones screen on an external monitor or television.

Smartphone with MHL

Back in 2014 there was over 60 mobile devices that were released that supported MHL from the top phone brands such as Sony, Samsung, Fujtisu. But come to 2016 this list had been reduced to just a handful of Chinese brands LeTV and Intex with the only major supplier now being Kyrocera and even then it was just one model the Urbano V03 that had MHL.

Does this mean that no one want to view their phones display on a big screen? Well I don't think that is the case, infact a lot of mobile makers have embraced miracast which lets you wireless display your phone on compatible devices. Miracast is a useful feature but as with all

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