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Types of Data Migration for EHR

Moving from one HER system to another can be a stressful and disruptive process for healthcare facilities. EMR data migration or transferring legacy EHR data between the existing and new systems is one of the most enormous obstacles encountered in this process. However, a good understanding of data migration for EHR and the right technology can make the process less overwhelming. This will also ensure a successful EHR data conversion and transition.

EMR data migration can happen due to various reasons. Perhaps the old EHR system is missing key features or can’t keep up with the health system’s new population management requirements. The new EHR will be able to properly transfer a patient’s record to a new healthcare system without losing any critical data. Here are the types of EMR data migration.

  • Shifting to a New Version of the Same System – Perhaps a newer version of the EHR system that you are using right now is available. This kind of data migration for EHR ensures the most co
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Why Hire an EHR Data Migration Company?

Many healthcare organizations are moving to automated EHR data conversion to avoid risks associated with data manipulation. Source values are extracted from the legacy and target systems to form a conversion map. When healthcare providers have access to accurate data, patients receive better care. EHRs improve the ability of the health care provider to diagnose diseases. It also reduces medical errors, enhances communication and helps healthcare providers meet patient demands.

EMR data migration services can help you implement a new EHR in your clinic or organization. The data conversion process involves five steps. The first step is discovery. Your internal IT staff will be asked to extract all data from your existing system. The EHR data migration company will identify the amount of data available, the accuracy of the data and what data must be converted.

The second step is scope definition or the point where both parties decide on which parts of the data must be converted, what da

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How Can EHR Data Migration Services Help?

When implemented and used correctly, Electronic Health Records can make healthcare less expensive and more efficient. It can improve the quality of care by making the medical history of patients easily accessible to those who treat them. EHR data migration services can help you deliver quality patient care. Here’s what you can expect from EHR migration services.

  • EHR migration services can guide you throughout the migration process. They know how daunting data migration can be. From data extraction to automation updates, they will make it easier for you to manage your new environment and ensure that your data has migrated successfully.
  • A comprehensive audit of your existing integration landscape will be provided. Your existing and future integration state will be evaluated to determine if new technology is required to achieve future initiatives like clinical document exchange and physician office integration.
  • EHR migration services can also help you rewrite scripts into your new El
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