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Google Chrome to remove “Secure” indicator from HTTPS Pages in September

Google announced that it will be removing the “Secure” indicator from in address bar in September with the release of Google Chrome 69. This is a move that was desperately needed.

Then in October, sites visited with Chrome 70 that don’t have HTTPS Certificates will trigger a red “Not Secure” label when entering text.

HTTPS its secure version of HTTP, acting as a secure communication protocol for users and websites, making it harder for hackers to hack your data. With HTTPS your data is kept secure from third parties, so new website is adopting this technology, using Transport Layer Security the underlying tech behind HTTPS, to do this.

“HTTPS usage on the web has taken off as we have evolved the Chrome Security indicator. Later this year, will be taking some more steps. User should expect that the web is safe by default. Since will soon start marking all HTTP pages as “not secure”, we will step towards removing chrome positive security indicator so that the default unmarked state is

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What are the different types of SSL Certificate?

The wide variety of businesses that use SSL have extended fantastically during the last few years and the reason for which SSL is used has also expanded, as an instance:

  • Some agencies want SSL to surely offer confidentiality
  • Some business like to use SSL for more trust or self-belief in security and identification.

With encryption, you can hide communication from hacker however you can’t stop from intercepting communications and posing as your internet site to steal statistics of your client. As user flow far from shop and growth their online purchasing and banking behaviour, customer have which will accept as true with they are traveling the genuine internet site of the shop they are purchasing on.

If you are new to the world of SSL certificates, trying to find the certificate that best suits your needs can seem like an impossible task. Use this guide to find the perfect certificate to match your need.

Domain Validated(DV) SSL Certificate: A Domain Validated(DV) SSL Certifica

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Chrome 68 will mark all HTTP Sites as “not secure” starting in July

The time has come for all website to migrate to HTTPS. If you do not have SSL secure connection, Google will start marking “not secure” warning for HTTP sites in Chrome 68 from July Onwards.

We can say this is Google Maximum forceful try and inspire adoption of SSL Certificate. Chrome 68 will begin labelling HTTP site” not secure”. Google Chrome 68 will hit in July 2018 which include unique characteristics to hit website with unsecured connections. Google strongly advised to website owner to adopt HTTPS encryption. Google stated that within the last year, they helped user remembers the fact that HTTP website are not comfortable through progressively marking a larger subset of HTTP page as “not secure”. This was done more gradually.

The warning just started out just warning user when they were about to enter a password in an unencrypted field. Then they fall they turned up the volume even more and started marking any HTTP page with text field “not secure”. Google first rolled out with

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Where can you purchase affordable SSL Certificate for your website?

Online security plays a vital role in e-commerce business as well as small and large businesses. SSL caters online security to every size of online enterprises. An SSL certificate is an essential Security tool that you most underestimate. You should go to a certificate provider that provide 24*7 online support, best price, easy to upgrade and good return policy.

Selecting the best SSL Certificate for your website, whether a new certificate or a renewal, is a very crucial question from the security point of view. Now the central question is, how do you choose the best SSL provider?

There are way too many SSL certificate providers available in the market, but before you go with one, you should consider your requirements adequately. Based on your needs, you should go with the appropriate type of SSL certificate. Click here to learn about various types of SSL certificates.

Once you’ve made your mind up about the type of certificate you want, the next step is finding the right certificat

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How to install SSL Certificate in Apache?

Before you start the instalment process, please make sure that CSR Code is generated, all validations are met, and the SSL Certificate is issued and downloaded.

To install SSL Certificate, perform the following steps: -

  1. Copy the certificate into the shell text editor and the file as “mydomain.crt”

Note: - Copy the entire contents of the certificate from (and including) the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----and ---END CERTIFICATE---lines.


  1. Copy the certificate to the Apache Server Directory in which you plan to store your certificates (by default: /usr/local/apache/conf/ssl.crt/ or /etc/httpd/conf/ssl.crt/)

Note: - If you have custom installation, please locate the server directory.


  1. Open the Apache Configuration file in a text editor. Apache configuration files are usually found in /etc/httpd. The main configuration file is usually named httpd.conf. In most cases the <VirtualHost> blocks will be at the bottom of this httpd.conf file. Sometimes you will find <VirtualHost> Bl
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The Importance of Green Address Bar for E-commerce Startups

When was the last time you purchased something online? Yesterday? A few days before? Last week? I bet the answer would be one of these three. Online shopping doesn't feel like shopping anymore; it's become kind of a weird subconscious obsession for most people – including myself. Sometimes, I don't even know why I'm on an e-commerce site and what I'm doing. No surprise the e-commerce sales is projected to reach around 5 trillion USD.

Hundreds of new e-commerce startups enter the fray every day, giving us more choices and consequently, more headaches. These startups have a significant disadvantage compared to the established brands, and that disadvantage is trust. After all, why would one give his/her hard-earned money and credit card details to a completely unknown entity?

So, how can a startup company bridge this gap and establish trust with its potential customers?

Well, there are a ton of way a company could do so. Today, we’re going to focus on one way that is the easiest of the

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How to get SSL Certificate for website?

Many of don’t know “what is an SSL Certificate” and how it works and helps to visitor mostly when they provide their personal information on web which is publicly viewable. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer; SSL certificate is an encryption technology used over the internet for secure transaction. SSL create an encrypted connection between web browser and web server.

While purchase or provide personal information on the internet during the transaction it is transmitted over a publicly viewable connection. It means everyone can view your personal information. It means your information can be stolen or misuse also. And for online and buying there always ask for your credit card, account and personal information. Then after Customer found fraud that information is stolen than business would be long because they have lost customer satisfaction. For these reasons online ecommerce site must have SSL certificate for the secure transaction. 

One of the best way to do is that is to enable HT

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Why SSL certificates are important for small business?

We all know that one of the good thing about the internet is, you can easily send and receive the information. If the information may not be confidential then the security precaution may not worry you, but if it is critical then information security may worry you. That’s where SSL (Secure Socket Layer) comes.

An SSL certificates are used to make your personal information protected, particularly when it comes to online transactions. It’s a mechanism that works between a user’s browser and the website the user is connecting to. In its software, the website has an SSL certificate issued by a trustworthy authority. Web browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer®, Firefox® and Chrome™) recognize these certificates. When confidential info needs to be exchanged, SSL is used to encrypt the information before it is sent, and then to decrypt it at the other end, when it has been received.

This ensure that the website activity, from its own sensitive information to that of its browser is secure. This is

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