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7 Reasons Why Condoms are the Best Contraceptive

There are many contraceptive methods available in the market but condoms remains at the top of its game condom the best contraceptive method ever developed.

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Condoms- Buy Condom Online in India | Flavored Condoms | Sexcare

Buy condoms online in India at Sexcare with full protection of privacy. We deliver flavored condoms and dotted condoms from Kamasutra, Manforce, Moods, Durex and Skore brands right to your home.

There are various birth control measures available in India but condoms remain the top choice for more than half of the population. The reason for its extensive use is never the ignorance against other contraceptive methods. Condoms have a huge advantage related to success rate, safety from STDs and availability.All in all condoms have a broad reach which makes it available to the public like grocery items. You can buy condoms from a medical store or from your nearest general store. Condom shops are everywhere. But still buying condoms is no easy task. Majority of men feel embarrassed buying condoms from retail shop. Due to this factor alone, people travel long distances so that nobody from their neighborhood can see them purchasing condoms. But there is a solution.Now you can buy condoms onli

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Sex Toys for Men Online India | Male Sex toys

As the technology advances forward, new inventions are registering their place in every aspect of human life. The same is true in regards to the sexual wellness. Sex toys for men are on high rise in Indian online market. Men have started to explore the possibilities of using these toys not just for solo pleasure but for making sexual intercourse more enjoyable than before. Whether you are single or married or in a relationship (where you can get laid) you can always use male sex toys for the added pleasure.Talking about solo pleasure, Sex toys for men like Fleshlights are as effective in providing satisfaction as much as the Vibrators satisfy the women. Adding the extra enjoyment to your regular masturbation session is now a piece of cake. Sex toys for men come in various designs and provide different type of sensations to the penis. The best sex toys for men make sure to stimulate the nerve endings of your private parts which you never explored before.Male sex toys like the penis ring

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Buy Sex Toys for Men | Male Sex Toys Online India

Sexcare brings you genuine Sex Toys for Men, Male Sex Toys like Stroker and Sex Doll for Men along with other Adult products at best price in India.

If you are under the impression that sex toys are made just for women, you are as wrong as the child who spells Knowledge without a ‘K’. Just like there are Sex Toys for Women there are tons of sex toys for men known to do wonders. They are meant to help you achieve an orgasm you never felt before.

Sex toys for men

Whether you are single or married or in a relationship (where you can get laid) you can always use sex toys for the added pleasure. Male sex toys are as effective in providing sexual pleasure to men as much as the Vibrator (or Dildo) pleases the women. There is nothing wrong with adding the extra enjoyment to your regular masturbation session or sexual intercourse. The best sex toys for men make sure to stimulate the nerve endings of your private parts which you never explore

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Sexy Lingerie Buy Online | Bra and Panty Sets in India

Sexy lingerie is one of the most attractive costumes for women.Buy wide range of Bra and Panty Sets, Stockings, chemises online for best prices in India with 100% Privacy

Sexy lingerie is one of the most exotic items that you can use to spice up your sexual life. Not only does it heat up the sex but also help to find the long lost attachment that you and your partner used to have. Not to mention that sex is a wonderful activity and it is all the more incredible when you do it with someone you love. But with time, the excitement begins to fade away. That’s when your heart starts to waver and you end up cheating on your partner. Sexy dresses are here to save you from doing so. Buy sexy lingerie at our website and add zings to your nights. Men are strange and everyone knows it. They love to chase but when they get it they lose interest. The same happens when they see the female body. A fully naked body is less attractive to them than the

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Buy Silicone Lube for Anal Sex Online India

As India steps towards anal sex, Sexcare brings the silicone lubes (Lubricants) for its customer for a smooth and silky experience & best price in India.


Silicon based lubes are the most sought after lubricant for anal sex. Not just anal sex, silicon lubricant can be used for all types of sexual activities other than oral sex. The main plus point of silicon based lube is that it is long lasting. It doesn’t fade away like the water based lubricant. This property of silicon lubes comes in handy.If you are trying for anal sex, lubrication is most important. Since, the anus doesn’t make natural lubricant like the vagina does, anal sex is considered as unnatural sex and needs to be well lubricated before trying. That’s where you can use silicon anal sex lubricant to make things slimy and smooth.Silicon based lube is often considered as the anal sex lubricant for its long lasting property. The silicon anal lube can even last under the water. So if you are trying fo

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Flavored Lubes | Buy Flavored Lubricants Online India

Buy Best Flavored Lubes in India we have top lubricant specially anal sex from Durex, Jo, Dona, Wet, Pjur, ID, Bijoux, Joy Division, Sensuva and many more at best price in India

Flavored lubes are the new hype in the market. They do not just do the task assigned to them as water based lube but also have something extra for the couples. The flavored lubesare edible and can be used for different sexual activities. You can have additional fun with lubes which smell and taste like your favorite fruit or edible item.Flavored lubes are water based lubes which contain glycerin. They can be used over latex condoms. If you buy a non lubricated condom you can customize it with your choice of best flavored lubricant to make it a flavored condom.The flavored lubes like the high selling Durex flavored lubes are meant to add extra fun and flavor to the plain oral sex. The difference between oral sex with and without flavored lubesis like having birthday cake with and without sweetening substance.Be

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Water Based Lubes | Buy Water Based Lubricants Online India

Buy Best Water Based Lubes, Personal Lubricants, from Durex, Jo, Dona, Wet, Pjur, ID, Bijoux, Joy Division, Sensuva and much more at best price in India.

Water based lubricants are perfect for couple’s play. They act as personal lubricants and can be washed quite easily. Upon using for penetration, they do not leave residue inside the female genitals. They wash off automatically along with the natural lubricants of the vagina. If you are looking for a lube which can be used with a latex condom, you have got to go with the water based lubricant.Water based lubricant can be applied on the latex condom for easier penetration. Now days, almost all condoms have water based lubricant applied on to them for a soft and silky sexual intercourse.Also if you are into oral sex then you can go for the flavored lubes which are a type of water based lubes. The addition of glycerin can make the water based lubricant taste sweet and a flavor can also be added in addition. You can also apply this lubri

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Sex Lubricant Buy online India | Best Sexual Lubricant At Sexcare

Buy Best Sex Lubricant in India with Free Shipping 100% Discreet Delivery at Sexcare.Shop For best Sexual Lubes, Water based lubricants, Silicon Lubricants and much more

Sex lubricants are known to smooth out the painful frictions and provide buttery sexual experience.It’s not just the machines which need Lubricants to get away with the friction. Human sexual activity needs it nonetheless to make the painful frictions disappear. Now it does not mean that you would go ahead and put the engine oil on your genitals. The sex lubricant is not to be confused with the mechanical lubricant. Two are different like the ocean water and the river water. Although the vagina makes natural lubricants when the woman is aroused but the amount of Vaginal lubricant generated can vary for each woman. There are so many factors influencing the creation of vaginal lubricant that it is hard to target all. The penetration becomes painful when the vaginal lubricatio

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Bathmate | Buy Bathmate Enlarging Pump Online India

Buy Bathmate hydro pump, Hydromax, Hercules, Bathmate x30, Bathmate x40 and Bathmate Enlargement Pump Online to increase your penis size with best price in India.

Bathmate manufactures the best penis enlargement pump in the world. Bathmate penis pump is known to increase the penis size by inches. It is not just safe but gives visible result in just weeks. It is not something which is too good to be true but it is as what it claims to be.Penis size does not matter in the sexual intercourse but you might want to increase its size. There can be a lots of reason for this but the good news is; it is possible. You no longer need to opt for the clinical surgery for having a bigger penis. Bathmate hydro pump can do this task without inflicting pain like the surgery does. Also, you do not have to go through the mental torture of needles poking in your penis.Bathmate hydromax works wonders. It is body building for your penis which makes

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