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How Do You Cut Glass? Glass Waterjet Cutting Machine

How do you cut glass?

Semyx simplifies the cutting and piercing of thin, delicate glass to thick glass material. With waterjet cutting machines, cutting contours and shapes in glass can be acheived at a very reasonable cost due to the advanced technology used. The applications range from stained glass, mirrors, inlays, ornaments, windows, and more.

Cutting glass is much like stone and tile cutting because of the brittle nature of the material. Its tendency to crack requires that the piercing start off at low pressures and gradually increase to higher pressures for advanced cutting speeds. To keep the material from being destroyed, the pump automatically adjusts and resumes pressures (thus speeds) when cutting delicate materials. A softer alternative abrasive can be used to further reduce to possibility for cracking, chipping, or surface blemishes.

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1010 Abutment Road Dalton, GA 30721


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We Specialize in Custom Machines SEMYX LLC

We Specialize in Custom Machines

We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth at FABTECH. It was a pleasure meeting you all. If you have any further questions about our company or world-class line of waterjet cutting products, feel free to contact us during business hours (closed Thanksgiving Day and Friday) and we would be happy to speak with you about your cutting needs.

 Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Pilgrims at Plymouth,  Massachusetts celebrated America’s first Thanks giving in 1621. They wanted to express their thankfulness and gratitude for all of the blessings bestowed upon them and upon the United States of America. This time of year, we all pause to think about the many things in our lives that we are thankful for.

At Semyx, we are thankful for businesses like yours becoming a part of our extended family. You are the reason we strive to make our products the best and most affordable in the market. We look forward to continually creating better solutions for

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Manufacturers of Water jet Cutting Machines

West Coast Customs

Semyx, LLC, one of the leading manufacturers of water jet cutting machines across the world, has announced an ongoing endorsement deal with Ryan Friedlinghaus, Founder and CEO of the world famous West Coast Customs.

When it comes to creating custom vehicles, West Coast Customs is known for making the impossible possible. West Coast Customs relies exclusively on Semyx water jet cutting technology to bring my creations from renderings to reality.— Ryan Friedlinghaus, Founder and CEO, West Coast Customs

West Coast Customs uses waterjet cutting technology to cut everything from custom body panels to emblems and graphics. “When it comes to creating custom vehicles, West Coast Customs is known for making the impossible possible,” said Friedlinghaus. “West Coast Customs relies exclusively on Semyx water-jet cutting technology to bring my creations from renderings to reality.”

Contact Us :

Address : 1010 Abutment Road Dalton, GA 30721

Freephone :+ 1 877 78 SEMYX


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Abrasive & Pure Waterjet Cutting Machine

What is a Waterjet?

Waterjet technology is basically the flow of water to the pump, which then reaches pressures up to 100,000 psi. It then travels through high pressure tubing and out to the cutting head. There are two types of waterjet cutting :

1. Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

2. Pure Waterjet Cutting

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting :

Abrasive waterjet cutting is more popular than pure waterjet cutting. Abrasive waterjet cutting uses abrasives to erode the material. The waterjet cutting head needs to be close to the material being cut. Abrasive waterjet cutting is best for increased production for many types of applications. These applications include: glass cutting (kitchen, shower screens, bullet proof glass, inlays, stained glass, etc.) exotic metals (steel, titanium, aluminium, copper, stainless steel, bronze, tool steel, nickel, alloys etc.) stone and tile cutting (floor inlays, wall inlays, custom tiles, custom flooring, counter tops, etc.).


Contact Us :

Address : 1010 Abu

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5-Axis Head for Waterjet Cutting Systems

5-Axis Head

The Semyx 5-axis head took the tilting head a step beyond and cuts beveled and 3D parts with a 60 degree angle. The Semyx 5-axis head gives you the ability to cut parts even faster with more accuracy than ever.

Tilting Head

The Semyx tilting head allows the cutting head to cut at different angles. This eliminates the tapered cutting on higher quality cutting. The easy to use Semyx tilting head positions the tilting point at the material. Programmable tilt up to ±12° maximum tilt angle with the capability to change angles rapidly for increased cutting speed.

Drill Attachment

The Semyx pneumatic drill head is perfect for pre-drilling materials prone to delamination. It quickly and accurately pierces small holes in thick materials prior to abrasive waterjet cutting. It is easily mounted and adjustable, requiring no external power source. No need for customized registration templates or painfully tedious hand drilling. For reliability and speed, the Semyx pneumatic dri

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Semyx to Launch New Titan Series Waterjets Cutting Machines

New Waterjet Cutting Machines Unveiled at Pacific Design Shown in Anaheim, CA

ANAHEIM, CA — February 5, 2018 — Semyx is proud to announce the immediate availability of its new TITAN® Series waterjet cutting machines. The TITAN water jet cutting series is the newest addition to the Semyx line of water jet cutters and offers huge cutting capabilities in both small and large packages for a wide variety of applications.

Semyx and Titan Series are registered trademarks of Semyx, LLC  in the United States.

The TITAN waterjet cutting series provides a vigorous industrial design and rigid construction that combines precision and simplicity. The TITAN model is made to handle high production for versatile applications. The TITAN has a special waterjet tank feature that allows for extra weight on the tank. The TITAN waterjet cutting system is also equipped with heavy duty precision ball screws and roller bearings ensuring long life and system accuracy.

The TITAN series comes in two of the most popular sizes for both large and small applications. The smaller TITAN s16 measures

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