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Document Management System

Website managers ought to assign the subsequent document management system(DMS) roles for sharing documents on an internet site – Users, Reviewers, and directors. Once in situ, the structured advancement of a document management system, or DMS, makes every one of those roles responsible and to blame for finalizing documents. After all, it's the roles that offer distinctive content for websites on the far side what an easy content management system (CMS) like WordPress can do.

A generation past, there have been Electronic Document Management (EDM) systems that nominative document extensions supported proprietary terminology. except for today’s document management system(DMS)  roles, there aren't any limitations on what kinds of files these participants transfer and manage. Static websites aren't any longer comfortable as a result of websites area unit quick changing into the destinations for review of all kinds of content for compliance, legal or cluster review necessities.

For pursui

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what are all the factors for choosing the Best CRM software?

1. Manage & Automate  It is necessary that you just understand what issue you're attempting to resolve. Nowadays CRM is extremely powerful in sales acceleration. And create a transparent cut plan regarding your goals or necessities.

2. Check how long it takes to implement and how much it costs? Nowadays CRM implementation processes are fast, simple and FREE ... raise your CRM merchant ( OR shortlisted vendors ) how long the implementation can take. and how much it'll cost?

3. think about the software system and hardware you already use Before, you made the decision to implement the software system you have got to verify that “ will the new system is integrated with the present system.? ” Integration with the present system is vital for ease of use; If the integration is simple then the new system will work seamlessly with you are the existing system.

4. Easy Setup, simple To Use CRMTry to realize a CRM that minimizes the “friction” therefore your team can use the new system easily.

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purchase management module in odoo

Main options Easy & quick1. the trendy user interfaces The quick user interface is intended to permit the user to quickly and simply access the data.2. Flexible We can simply manage single inventory or a complex multi-warehouse environment by activating totally different features as per our desires. Requests for Quotations -RfQs

1. produce RfQs for your suppliers

2. Send requests via the post or by email We can simply Send RfQs by email directly from the app or print and send them by post, all in only 1 click; within only a few seconds.

3. Get offers for multiple things

4. personalize your message

5. automatize the method oodo ERP may be a one-stop resolution for your enterprise. 

ith inventory, invoice, accounting thus you'll be able to build the method easy, and correct. W e have 7+ years of experience in Odoo development, customization, and complete readying. we've got cultivated several potential partners and purchasers in Europe, Asia, middle east, Africa and ODOO comes insi

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learn to install multiple instances of Odoo on Windows

Start Running instance On the same machine follow these steps or execute identical .exe file once more and do the second step:1.You have already installed odoo instances successfully, therefore now you copy the folder of odoo (c: ? Program Files(x86) ? Odoo.10.0) and rename it with a new one.2.If running multiple instances on a similar machine first we modify the default port number (:8069/ )in the .conf. For that find the odoo config file (.conf) from c:Program Files(x86)Odoo.10.0serverodoo.confg And change the port by adding xmlrc_port:8010 (As you like)

3.Create a brand new windows service for the freshly created instance.Run the following command prompt:sc create binPath= “c:Program Files(x86)Odoo.10.0 – copyservicewin32_service.exe”

4.The new service will be created and you'll install it from the windows services.Open the windows services and search the new odoo service, choose it and begin it by clicking the start

5.Please note the startup type of the new services and alter it

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What is the role of CRM software in sales?

what does CRM stand for? CRM - Customer Relationship Management software system is a vital a part of the growing business. If your organization encompasses a need to keep track of all of your customers/clients, then the suitable answer is CRM – customer Relation Management.

All business wants the simplest way to trace the customers (Present Customers, The Past, and Potential customers).

Different types of CRM and its characteristics etc were mentioned in earlier blogs Odoo CRMMaybe you're thinking hat that “ Why Salespeople want CRM system for a business organization? ”And “ how can we choose the best Sales CRM software system for our organization? ” Wait ... we are here to provide you with all the answers ...

How to opt for the most effective CRM software system for Sales?

So what are all the factors for choosing the CRM ?




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Beauty Spa Management software

Beauty Spa Management software

Beauty spa management software in India a wide range of the spa management is done in traditional manual methods, as it is the 21st century and every field of business is getting digitalized its time to change these traditional methods, for this sole purpose we introduce you to a new software system of spa management that is Beauty spa management software. This Beauty Spa management software system developed by Cybrosys Techno Solutions helps your customers to do the all the services via online.

Major Features Provided by Beauty spa management software :

- Online Booking instead of walk-in Facility- Accounting Facility to track the financial status.- Customer Notification Through Mail to make your consumers aware.- User Interactive Dashboard for better understandability and readability.- Customer Can view the Available chairs and order details.- Different access levels for Users and Administrator so that you can maintain your personal record s separately

Functionalities of the bea

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Why should a business go after Odoo Customization?

Odoo is a standout amongst the most utilized open source enterprise asset arranging systems on the world today. Attributable to its adaptability, simplicity of learning and the way that it is highly customizable, Odoo has developed to involve the best position among the rundown of favored ERP solutions in a variety of business models.

odoo customization

Customization in a system can now and again mean a huge venture for organizations. Most associations have special procedures relying upon their size and work process as it is impossible to expect that each association works in an undifferentiated from the way. Consequently, customized ERP software is the best way to tailor an answer to the correct needs of the business.

Odoo customization has a lot of advantages. It can computerize and streamline the business procedure of organizations. At the point when Odoo ERP is altered by the necessities of the organization, it diminishes the likelihood of disappointment and limits the measure of re-preparing end

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Odoo HR Biometric Device Integration

This module integrates the biometric attendance device with odoo erp. The module automates employee attendance marking through Face/Thumb detection method. Automation is an implementation factor for a successful ERP. With this module, HR attendance can automate by integrating Thumb / Face detection device with Odoo. We can configure a user both from thumbing device or Odoo employee form.


By using this module, We can configure the employee details from either thumbing device or Odoo employee form

Main Features- Ingrates biometric device(Face+Thumb) with HR attendance.- Option to keep the device attendance log in Odoo.- Option to clear the device attendance log from both the device and Odoo.- Automating HR attendance.- Option to configure multiple devices.

This module will also support

  1. ZKteco model 'uFace 202'
  2. ZKteco model 'iFace990'

**How Does It Work?**Install the module and configure it with Odoo. Once it becomes operational, you can download the attendance deta

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Odoo Fleet/Vehicle Rental Management

Fleet/Vehicle Rental Management

This module helps with an opportunity to give the vehicles like car, van, bike, jeep etc.. for Rent.

This module is an application for Vehicle Rental System which helps in managing the rental of vehicles like car, van, bike, jeep etc... It manages fleet/vehicle property by extending the basic fleet module of Odoo. Currently, the fleet module does not have any connection with the accounting module. But in this module, we integrate the module with accounting also.


- Multiple Plans for Rental Contract(Days/Weeks/Months/Years).

- Integrated with Accounting Module.

- Automatically Create Recurring Invoices.

- Sending email for confirmation, first payment, and recurrent invoices.

- Check List Facility.

- Separate Tree view for Checklist.

- Damage Checking Facility.

- Billing Facility for Damages/Check Lists.

- Contract Payment Validations.

- Detailed Fleet Rental Analysis Report.

- Access Rights From Multiple Level.

- Flexible for furt

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Odoo Retail POS Software

Purpose of sale (POS) software is where your client makes the payment for products or services that are offered by your organization.

Purpose of sales software is the system that empowers the business exchange between the customer and the organization to be finished. POS Software is a modernized system that comprises the principle PC connected with a few checkout terminals and bolstered by various equipment highlights beginning from standardized barcode scanners and consummation with card transaction terminals.

pos software

Why Is POS System Useful? Adaptable, Customisable and Simple

Odoo POS fills in as your business works, it is adaptable and essentially customizable to meet any business condition. Its particular improvement approach enables the client to include new highlights and modules without influencing existing working condition.

Anyplace any Device

Access your business points of interest and different business information from anyplace, whenever, any gadget. The unfathomable and

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