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Canon Printer Support: Troubleshooting

The Canon printers are some of the most popular on the market today. The Canon name is renowned for offering high quality, durable and functional printers and other computer accessories. You always get the very best with a Canon printer, but sometimes you may find yourself needing to troubleshoot a problem. These printers, just like any others, are subject to technical difficulties but you should be able to fix the problem easily enough.

If you notice the ink on your printer is showing up dry and barely visible on the pages when you try to print, but have just refilled the ink cartridge, you know it is not the ink running dry so there is another problem. Look under the ink cartridge and make sure it is not getting blocked in any way. There may be dust or dirt stuck on the cartridge which is keeping the ink from making it onto the paper.

If you need Canon Printer Support because you see an error message saying the "Ink Absorber is full", try resetting your printer and see what that do

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