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How to Build a Multi-Screen OTT Video Platform

With the rise of online video, video delivery over the internet has skyrocketed in recent years. As the trend of OTT TV is doesn’t in the way of changing its path, the “Over the top” has brought substantial change by creating an impact in the world of television.

OTT has significantly disrupted the traditional cable providers. Due to the transformation brought by the OTT platform which has earnestly changed the business value of television into a consumer-driven from provider-driven. This lucrative business entices every business professional to initiate OTT video business services.

Let us take a close look at how to build an OTT video platform and the technologies carried on developing OTT platform.

Technologies involved in building OTT video platform

  • Cloud Hosting
  • Streaming Protocol
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Multi-tiered security

Original source: https://blog.contus.com/build-ott-video-platform/

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Best Live Video Streaming Solutions

A decade ago, Netflix introduced us to the concept of entertainment on demand and changed the way we consumed entertainment once and for all. In the process, it opened a whole new industry for video on demand and live streaming solution providers.

The trend caught on like wildfire that social networking websites like Facebook and Instagram launched a live streaming feature in their app. They have invested in live streaming extensively, that at present, Instagram is the number 1 platform on which highest no.of live streaming takes place. Not to mention the bandwagon of other social circles that are already providing users with incessant live video broadcasting and recorded feed broadcast.

Let’s come to terms with reality. Live broadcasting services have picked up a snowball like momentum. There is nothing stopping them unless we all stop watching video streams.

Now let’s look at this phenomenon from an entrepreneurial perspective. The growing need for live video streaming solution fo

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