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Blockchain App Factory is an ICO marketing company in India that has 3+ years of experience in cryptocurrency. With 42 completed projects to our name, we are proficient in offering appropriate ICO solutions. We can aid you in increasing your coin sales.

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by samtyson14 days ago


We give your ICOs the fuel to go the extra mile. Our ICO promotion services at Blockchain App Factory will get you the audience you need to kickstart your company. Our Email advertising, PPC, social media campaigns and more will make all the difference.

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by samtyson15 days ago


It can be tasking to find investors for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) as ICOs are rather new to the grasp of the world. ICO marketing is pivotal for businesses during their ICO launch. Our expert marketing team can widen the scope and audience of your ICO.

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5 Facts About Security Token Offering 


Security Token Offering or better known as STO is a popular way for entrepreneurs to raise funds for their startups. This blockchain-based funding model requires businesses to follow compliance and also protects the interests of financiers mandatorily. Thus, STOs are known for their investment-friendly nature, which makes them a hit among investors. However, there is a lot more to STOs than what meets the eye:

  1. Global Acceptance: Since STOs are recognized by regulatory authorities such as the SEC as well as DAO, among others, this funding option is accepted in most countries.
  2. Equity Status: Unlike ICOs and other popular models, an STO project gives the investors an equity stake in the project.
  3. Cost-Effective Solution: STOs are relatively easy to develop when compared to other conventional solutions. This helps startups to save precious time and resource.
  4. Better Transparency: This funding model has better accountability, which improves the credibility of businesses among investor
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Tokenized Real Estate

by samtyson4 months ago



Tokenized Real Estate ensures the illiquid assets are used to raise funds for future projects without the hassles and time taken for liquidation. At Blockchain App Factory, we provide end to end solutions with investor and admin dashboards, automated KYC/AML and Voting Rights.


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Tokenized Real Estate

by samtyson5 months ago


Planning on raising funds via the STO route? Then you would be needing a reliable asset like real estate to back your security tokens. Blockchain App Factory offers end-to-end solutions to help tokenize your real estate in no-time. Their adept development team has numerous experience in the tokenizing assets and with the companies cutting-edge STO launch platform, you can rest assure, your tokens will comply with all federal regulations and dominate the crypto-market. So go ahead, contact their experts today and raise funds via Tokenized Real Estate, with ease!

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