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Cheap Coach Handbags on Ebay

If you are into designer fashion purses chances are good you've taken a look at the huge number of Knockoff Coach Bags and accessories listed on eBay. It's a great place for obtaining a hard to find matching wallet or replacement for your favorite worn out bag. It is a convenient place to shop and usually a nice savings comes along with your purchase. It doesn't get any better than this, minus that one burning question in the back of every girls mind. "Is it real?"

Without a doubt the biggest question when buying one of these bags is authenticity. Is it real or fake? You hear so many stories about the counterfeit products on eBay and with Coach being so wildly popular you have to wonder. Is it even worth my time to shop for these handbags on eBay? The answer is positively Yes. When eBay was new it grew so fast it couldn't keep up with itself. The scammers got on and monopolized the designer fashion categories, particularly LV and Coach. Yes, it was bad. But it was years ago. Once the

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How to Spot Fake Coach Handbag Purse

To determine the authenticity of a Coach designer handbag you should follow the following guide lines to reduce your risk of getting ripped off.

1) Cheap Coach Purses and other expensive designer handbags use buttery leather and counterfeits use stiff and thick leather. Also, all Coach products have at least 1 Coach Stamp on it but its location may varies; it might be on the lower end of one side or it might appears on the shoulder strap. When you find it, examine it to make sure the word "ak" is outlined and "Leatherware" & "1941″ are below it.

2) An authentic Coach handbag will have a serial number that looks like this: NoM06J-127 without any spacing in between each letter. But having a serial number doesn't mean it is real and if it does not have one then obviously it is a fake. Unlike other designer brands such as Chanel and LV, Coach does have outlet store that sells discounted models. Be careful that these handbags will have a small stamp on the corner that look like a hole pun

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Knockoff Coach Handbags - Find Deals at The Crossing Outlet

Cheap Coach Bags are extremely popular and they have been this way ever since they have come on the scene in 1941. There are so many styles to choose from and they are always coming up with new bags and accessories each year. Sometimes they even have retro bags that are great for those that like the classic look.

The prices for the bags range from 150.00 to upwards of 450.00 but I have stumbled up some great discounts at this place called the Crossings in Tannersville in Pennsylvania. While vacationing in the Pocono's in northeast PA, I was out with some friends of my deciding where to go shopping. One of my friends who is a resident there, suggested that we go to the outlet in Tannersville, PA. Michael Kors Savannah Medium Logo Satchel 01 When we got there, I noticed that the place was huge with so many stores all in a row. As soon as we parked the car, I looked at the place and spotted a Coach Outlet. I was so excited and decided to make this our first stop. When I walked through the door, there were Coach bags everywhere. Be

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Five Reasons Why Cheap Coach Poppy Totes Are Great

Women like it when their handbags are not just cute and fashionable. It would be a lot better if they own a tote bag that's not just pretty but durable as well. A Coach Poppy tote could offer you those. Well, here are the five reasons why a Coach Poppy is a great buy.

1. Coach Purses Sale are adorable. They look fashionable in different color themes and design. Girls love to own a handbag that is stunning. Well, this tote is really a head-turner. Girls would surely drool over what a great tote you have. There is a design that really knocks other ladies off-and that is the C Glam tote. It has the signature "c" logo of Coach but in an abstract stylish way. It is actually the most salable design from the Poppy collection.

2. This tote is made up of good quality leather. Don't you know that a soft leather lasts longer than the solid ones. In fact, they have the quality that they get better and softer as they age. That is why some Coach users like their leather looking worn-out. Michael Kors Medium Multifunction Leather Satchel 14

3. The

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