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Winning Tactics for Diigo Clone for your Budding Startup

2006 was a year when an online service script, research, and web annotation tool Diigo was launched. Diigo clone stands for “Digest of Internet Information, Groups, and Other stuff” and has over 9 million users who use it on a regular basis. This online service script is used for various purposes such as education, business, and many other verticals.


Diigo clone lets you save information collected by you which can be accessed anytime later. This online service script is quite a prominent tool to bookmark and highlight the data which you wish to read it again. Lets us have a deep look at the data-backed benefits offered by Diigo clone script which can be beneficiary for your business venture.


Know what Diigo clone script has to offer for your startup            
  • Diigo clone script lets you collaborate with other users for sharing files and to conduct discussions in a most effective manner.


  • This online services script is equally beneficial for the educational field as
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The Definitive Guide to Quora Clone Script

Nowadays social media has become an important part of every human being as it is more convenient to communicate through the social network. This network helps people to keep in contact with friends, colleagues, relatives etc in a very easy way. Even with this network, anyone can share their ideas rapidly, even some make money with the help of social media. In short, social media can be said as relatively a fresh newcomer to the market which has made everyone addicted to it. As people are so keen about social media, having a startup with such social media script will lead you to peaks of success. Quora clone script is one of the best social media scripts that will hail your startup.


Quora clone script is described as an open source social media script. With Quora clone script you can crater your startup with question & answer platform. It works as the best platform for all those who like to share and gain knowledge. Here everyone can freely share their opinion. And so Quora clone sc

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Get into the nitty-gritty of eCommerce realm for your Home24 Clone business

The new age of the digital world is expecting more from entrepreneurs. Especially when it comes to eCommerce industry, they are not ready to compromise at all. In the last few decades, eCommerce script has completely revolutionized retail. From being a non-existent business model to a potential threat to the traditional malls, eCommerce has paced its way deep into the lives of people. The eCommerce script has come a considerable long way from simple buying and selling to augmented shopping experience altogether. The industry is worth trillion US dollar today.


Being Europe’s largest online furniture store, Home24 clone script achieved a total of EUR  243.8 million in the year 2016. Home24 clone script is a wide platform with over 100,000 products from more than 800 manufacturers. Therefore, it provides its users with a unique selection of furniture, home accessories, and lamps. With employing over 1,000 people, Home24 clone script is active in seven European countries and in Brazil.

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Some Important details of Delicious Clone Script

Delicious is a social bookmarking website for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. The site was founded by Joshua Schachter in 2003 and earned by Yahoo! in 2005. By the end of 2008, the service claimed more than 5.3 million users and 180 million different bookmarked URLs. The site was sold to AVOS Systems on April 27, 2011, and relaunched in a “back to beta” state on September 27 that year. It is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.


A typical way to boost up page ranking and position is accomplished with a tool called the social media option. By observing the effective utilization of this sector in the business world, Clone Daddy developed a user friendly product called Social Media, an exclusive Delicious clone script. This effective script helps users to move their web page ranking and import it easily with the assistance of our exclusively created bookmarking website.


This ready to use php script let you run your own social media service like delicious.com. Ma

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Create your own Marketplace Script like Jumia Clone

We can build a multi vendor Marketplace script with an unlimited sellers and buyers, personal commission setting for each member, rewards and virtual deposit systems. Use the best Jumia Clone Script to start your own Marketplace Script in a few days.


Jumia.co.tz is a popular eCommerce marketplace website. Jumia.co.tz is currently enjoying a global rank of 84128. Shop Online for the largest collection of Books, Women's Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Vehicles, Computers, Mobile Phones and more in Tanzania. Buy or Sell on Tanzania's #1 online mall. Jumia is the largest online Market place in Tanzania,Brings closer seller and buyers by adding values to both ends. Sellers add online channels,Buyers save time to spend on traffic. Best prices,Cash on Delivery and Home Delivery.


The Best Jumia Clone is a cloning script same as Jumia.com and is used for Online Vacation Rental and traveling Business. It is a large revenue generator model for business startups and support the growing of yo

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Ravishing DUBIZZLE CLONE Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

In-Depth Exploration of Dubizzle Clone Script.

Let’s first have a brief of what actually the Dubizzle is? Dubizzle.com is one of the leading classified websites for UAE users. It was founded in 2005 by Sim Whatley and J.C. Butler. By now it has become the number one platform for the users to buy, sell and find many more things available online. In short, we can say that Dubizzle is an OLX company. The estimated value of Dubizzle by now is $60 million. The website traffic is approximately 73 million.


Dubizzle clone script is an online marketplace script for buying and selling different products and classified services. It can act as a perfect solution for you if you are in a plan to kick-start your own website/app with this type of marketplace script. With Dubizzle clone script you can offer you can offer a border range of products and services to your users like motors, property for sale, furniture, rent properties, electronics and other classified services. You can serve your use

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Planning For a Startup Go For Jovago Clone

Jovago and Jovago Clone Script

A question might be coming to your mind what actually Jovago is? Answering to your question, Jovago.com is the largest hotel booking website launched in Pakistan which encourage tourism and making the tedious task like booking hotels much easier. It is a product of e-commerce giants, an international venture that offers approximately thousands of hotels around the world for business and leisure to the customer with online booking services. The best part why travelers are attracted towards Jovago is its statement for “ Best Price Guarantee”.


Jovago Clone is an online travel & accommodation script. It is the most preferred clone script as it can be used to offer a wider range of services starting from taxi booking to hotel booking across the globe. To make it more clear to you listing some of the important features for your Jovago Clone.

  • The house feature which offers the specific region wise property option like a house on rent, for sale or purchas
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A deep dive into the winning tactics of Expedia Clone for your Business startup

This travel and accommodation script allows its users to book flights, hotels, vacation packages, car rentals, and cruises at the comfort of your house. Let us have a glance at some beneficial reasons why you should go for Expedia clone script for your business startup.

5 data-backed reasons to use Expedia clone to book your travel:
  • Expedia clone script is one such prominent travel and accommodation script which provides with booking airlines, hotels, rental cars, and cruise lines to name a few. It has connections with such verticals which make your trip planning quite easy and efficient. With such platforms, you are deprived of the hassle of going out to places and book necessary accommodations.


  • Expedia clone script guarantees its customer to provide the best possible deals. If at all you find the same place with a lower price, within 24 hours, you would get your money back along with free traveling vouchers. Such assurances are key parameters in driving customers to the
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Start your Cloud-based business planning with Anaplan Clone Script

Anaplan was founded in 2006 and heighten almost $300 million along the way. It achieved a lofty valuation of $1.5 billion in its last round, which was $60 million in 2017. The company has just under 1000 customers along with Del Monte, VMware, Box and United.


Anaplan is operating a new age of connected planning. Super and fastest-growing organizations use Anaplan’s cloud platform in every business function to make better-informed plans and decisions and operate faster, more effective planning processes. Anaplan also supplies support, training and planning transformation advisory services. Anaplan is a secretly held company based in San Francisco with 16 offices and over 150 expert partners worldwide.


What is Anaplan?

The Anaplan platform endorses hundreds of use cases across the enterprise—from Finance, Sales, and Supply Chain, to Marketing and HR. And because it is an open platform, free software stores like Salesforce and Workday can and have built hundreds of unique, busine

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Winning Tactics For Your Auction Script

What is Auction Clone?

Auction clone is an online service script, can also be said as a clone of a popular website like eBay, eBid, Atomic Mall, uBid, eCRATER etc. The clone script contains all the features of these popular websites, where you can also add additional features as per your requirements. Such online auctions have totally replaced traditional auctions. To be in the race, you need an auction website to reach every corner of the earth.


Advantages of Online Service Script

One of the biggest advantage of having a startup with such online service script that you can save both time and money as here there is no geographical limitations and so you don’t need to pay extra for the arrangements of an auction. Just a few clicks can and you can start the auction. One question coming to your mind is how you can make money through such auction clone script? The answer to this question is very simple as being the owner of a such auction clone website you can take commission from bo

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