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Blockchain and Data Security

In the past few years, we have seen scandalous cases of data breach. Big companies are being accused of leaking personal information of their clients/users or, in other cases, great hackers spill the data all over the internet.

And as we rapidly move all of our data to the digital world, it is imperative for corporations to start being more careful and transparent with people’s information.

Blockchain is the ideal platform for any type of business to store their enormous volume of data with clarity and security. Known as the most disruptive technology that emerged after the internet itself, it is finally getting the deserved attention.


This is how blockchain and data security can work together:

  • Tamper-proof - This is the primary characteristic to make data security great. The blockchain network doesn’t have a single point of failure, because it is distributed, so all the information is stored across the world in nodes. To change any information, it would be necessary to attack
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Ethereum DApps: a quick look at the decentralized application trend

by riyasteve24 days ago

Ethereum definitely opened the doors for making Decentralised Applications (DApps) popular.

Created in 2015, the platform quickly became a huge success. Not only because has some improvements compared to the Bitcoin blockchain, but also for the possibility of creating your own token in their network.


And that is exactly how DApps started to become popular.  From finance to games, it’s possible to create an infinity of decentralized application in the Ethereum blockchain.

If you are wondering what is a DApp, don’t worry, it is very easy to understand. A Decentralized Application is just like any other app, but better, once it's built into a distributed ledger network.

This means that any app developed in a Blockchain acquires some of the features of this disruptive technology, such as security, transparency and immutability. So, in simple word, DApps are improved applications.

According to the DappRadar, a website that tracks and provides data about DApps, there are about 1587 de

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Blockchain Development Services

by riyasteve26 days ago

Blockchain Technology has taken the tech world by storm with its unique security features and powerful performance.

Numerous companies in the field of Banking & Finance, Online Shopping, Healthcare, Cybersecurity, E-Learning and more are adopting blockchain technology to their business.

blockchain (2)

So If your interested to get Blockchain Technology infused with your business, then Blockchain App Factory is your best pick.

They offer state-of-the-art Blockchain Development Services that can be customized as per your needs. Contact their experts today!

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Blockchain technology in Banking

by riyasteve27 days ago

If Bitcoin was developed into the blockchain network to facilitate financial transactions, how come the banks haven’t taken full advantage of this technology yet?

Well, we still don’t know why and when banks will do the complete transition to the blockchain world. But we know that this disruptive technology can improve all the different processes of a bank, from money transitions to paperwork.

Enterprise blockchain solutions

Let’s look at the characteristics of blockchain that can improve the banking sector:

  • Tamper-proof: blockchain functions as a digital distributed ledger, so all the information in the network is saved in different nodes all over the world. This means that to forge any data, it is necessary to have control of over 51% of the computers that hold the nodes.

Improvement: With no possibility of hack attacks, banks can become more reliable institutions, giving more security for their clients and dodge money loss.

  • Immutable: Once the data is recorded into the chain, it can’t be changed, avoi
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Create an Ethereum DApps and enhance your business performance

The Ethereum platform, launched in 2015, revolutionised the blockchain world. Different from the Bitcoin blockchain, built especially for payments, Ethereum was created to facilitate the development of blockchain projects, such as tokens and applications.

From cryptocurrency developments to property rental smart contracts, you can build about any type of blockchain-based project in the Ethereum platform, including Decentralized Applications (DApps).


If you still don’t know what is a DApp, it is a type of application built into a blockchain, making apps more secure, transparent and reliable. Creating Ethereum DApps has become a great thing in the last few years and it seems like it is the future of decentralization.

Why? Simply because DApps offer solutions to improve all types of industries, enhancing business performance. Besides the already mentioned features of a decentralized application, these are the other great benefits:

  • Reduced costs
  • Support 24/7
  • Business expansion
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What is Supply chain management and how blockchain is the next thing is this industry?

Supply chain blockchain Development

After a long day at work, you come home to find out a package on your doorstep. Finally, that amazing purchase you were expecting has arrived. Do you know how it got to your house?

What may seem common or easy for us, a simple package delivered at our door, actually took a great deal of work and effort to get there. All of these activities involved are a part of a Supply Chain, the process of moving services or products from the supplier to the client.

The supply chain is a powerful industry that requires a great deal of planning and an outstanding management to be efficient. Otherwise, the joy of getting that purchase at your doorstep can be transformed into a headache.


The distributed ledger technology proved to be the best solution for long time problems that haunted the supply chain business, such as traceability, inventory and transparency.

With an open source distributed ledger, blockchain provides a network to share and store information in an immutable way. This helps

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Hyperledger in Healthcare Industry

Blockchain is not only disruptive because of what it allows us to do - share immutable information on a distributed shared ledger - but also because it can help with the improvement of almost any type of industry, including healthcare.


A Hyperledger blockchain development can benefit patients, doctors and hospitals. Once the data is stored in the chain, health professionals can have access to reliable information about the patient, providing them with a more effective treatment, for example.

Blockchain App Factory believes in the power of blockchain and offers end-to-end solutions in Hyperledger development, helping to make the healthcare system more functional.

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Decentralized Applications on the blockchain

by riyasteve1 month ago

With blockchain being known for its decentralization, the appearance of applications on the same platform brings a lot of excitement to the table. Running on Ethereum platform,  DApps is entirely open-sourced and automated with no third party involved. As a consequence, the chance of a failure is non-existent. How much more advantageous can it be?

Offering a full transparency, DApps blockchain development includes the following stages:

  1. Whitepaper mentioning the description of the application features and entailing a working prototype
  2. Initial establishment of tokens sale and the following expansion of the Initial Coin Offerings
  3. Implementation and the launch of the application

Blockchain App Factory, one of the leading decentralized application development companies, is capable of providing you with the solutions customized to your needs. With the help of our company, you’ll have an app of your own with the next features:

  • Seamless management of vendors and claims management
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Decentralized Blockchain app development company

One of the most exciting features of the blockchain system is that it is completely decentralized. But what exactly does that means?It means there is no central point of information storage, all the data is recorded in a network spread all over the world, the nodes.  Therefore, there isn’t a central authority, making the system more secure and transparent, because every node has access to the same information.

How about developing a decentralized blockchain app for your company? This unique characteristic of the blockchain can help us improve all types of services and business.

  • Supply chain and logistics - The blockchain allows you to create a formal registration any good or commodity on the shared ledger. This can solve problems such as traceability.
  • Banking - With no third-party to authenticate the transaction, but millions of nodes ready to approve the action, the financial process can be done faster.
  • Insurance - The decentralized technology helps the companies to authenticate
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