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Token Development: why you should have one

by riyasteve2 months ago

Crypto economics matter. In 2018, this giant economy had a market cap of 800 billion dollars and it seems like it won’t stop growing. But why developing a token can be important for your business?

Well, with the right strategy a token can be a fundamental part of an enterprise ecosystem, helping to make the brand more popular and even valuable.



Is very usual to see apps that offer some kind of coin or points for users when they do some purchase ou any type of transaction, right? Usually this points or coins can be used as a form of discount and, once the payment is done, there is no more “bonus”.

Although is a great way of incentive users to buy or use the app, it doesn’t offer any benefit for them to keep these coins. But if you convert the coins into a token, that can be tradable at some point, is easier to encourage people to hold in into the app and increase its value and, as a consequence, increase your brand value.

Building your own token is also a great opportunity to i

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Smart Contracts: the blockchain-based contracts that will end paperwork for good

by riyasteve2 months ago

Have you ever felt bogged down by crypto jargons like ‘smart contract’ or ‘consensus mechanism?’ If your answer is a ‘yes’ then don’t panic, you’re not alone. Many folks right from laymen to financial wizards keep updating themselves about such crypto news either through blogs, books or other sources. Smart contract has created a digital exodus in the crypto world because of its immutable and decentralised nature.

What is Smart Contract, Really?

Smart Contracts are similar to the existing contracts with an exception that they are digital. To be precise, it is a self-executing computer program stored in a blockchain. It is a general agreement between buyers and sellers written in a digital code, most preferably, Solidity.

Nick Szabo invented these immutable contracts in 1998, exactly ten years before Satoshi's invention. He is rumoured to be the mysterious bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto.  


How Smart Contracts are Unique?

Hope you might have heard the moral of two cats and one

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Ethereum and Smart Contracts: the automation of process

by riyasteve2 months ago

Ethereum is definitely the pupil who became the master.

The blockchain platform learned everything it could with the Bitcoin network and, right now, it’s the master of distributed ledger technology. With Ethereum, building blockchain applications, solutions and software became easier.

Now, the big thing in the platform is Smart Contracts. The self-executing digital contract works in an independent way, without the need of any human intervention. Once the clauses are defined, the contract becomes automatic.


Smart Contract Development on Ethereum can be a revolution for a great number of industries. Because of the self-executing nature of the computer-based contract paperwork will turn into an obsolete process and make the work of lawyers and accountants, for an example, simpler.

But how does a Smart Contract is built? Well, there are 4 basic steps for its development process:

Gathering the requirements - Understand the idea of the contract, what are the settlements and what it

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ICO Launch Services-Blockchain App Factory

by riyasteve2 months ago

ICO Launching Service

Including but not limited to the development of a landing page, white paper and blockchain software, the range of ICO launch services supplied by Blockchain App Factory explores the future of the digitalization we have known this far. Do not hesitate to contact them for the thorough guidance crucial for the successful implementation of your token.

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Top ICO listing service-Blockchain App Factory

by riyasteve2 months ago

Listing a cryptocurrency in the biggest exchange platforms is a crucial step for the success of any digital coin. Blockchain App Factory, the pioneer company in this marketing, offers you the top ICO listing service to help you attract more investors and make your crypto more valuable.

ICO Listing

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Blockchains and smart contracts for the internet of things

by riyasteve2 months ago

Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain is the perfect combination. Actually, the distributed ledger technology was the missing piece to make IoT finally take off.

Why? Well, although IoT has an amazing concept of using the internet to make devices smarter, the security breach has always been a problem. But with the tamper-proof network of blockchain, this issue is solved.

Blockchains and smart contracts for the internet of things

But to really achieve the commercialization of IoT, a second-factor comes into the game: Smart Contracts. The digital contract built in the blockchain can execute itself based on already established rules and conditions.

Food Containers, for an example, need a device to control the temperature so the product doesn’t go bad. Let’s say that, for some reason, the temperature gets high inside the container putting in risk the food.

With the help of blockchain, smart contracts and IoT, this device can correct itself to the right temperature without the need for human intervention. All of this can help reduce costs,

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ICO Listing-Blockchain App Factory

by riyasteve2 months ago

Everything is ready. You have a great project, potential investors and the coin was developed with perfection. Now is time to list your coin in the exchanges platforms.

This is one of the most important steps when launching an Initial Coin Offering. An ICO listing is the way to give the needed exposure for your coin or token, in terms of further trading.


Even if you already launched your token in a decentralized exchange, such as Ethereum, is important to have it listed in other exchanges, so your investors and coin holders have more freedom and flexibility to perform trades.

Although listing a token sound like a simple process, the crypto exchange platforms usually have a very strict policy and criteria to accept a coin. Let’s take a look at some of the most usual guidelines:

Product - As a great number of ICO turned out to be scams, the exchanges want to make sure the offering has a real product. Projects with prototypes of demos of the product are one step ahead in the process

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Enterprise Blockchain use cases

Finally, the application of blockchain into the enterprise world has arrived.

The distributed ledger technology has been used in the last 10-years mostly for payment projects and token/coin development. But now, traditional business’ are starting to understand the benefits of this incredible network.

Enterprise blockchain solutions

But different from the blockchain platforms we know, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Enterprise Blockchains are not public. That is, within a public blockchain everyone can have access to it and we don’t know who the actors involved are.

So, the distributed ledger chain for enterprise is private or permissioned. The access to the system is restricted and only approved participants can be in the network. This particularity actually makes the transactions validations more efficient.

A blockchain based software for business can also enhance security, transparency for transactions and data sharing and avoid frauds. All of this, of course, increase customer’s trust and loyalty.

Here are s

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Blockchain and Data Security

In the past few years, we have seen scandalous cases of data breach. Big companies are being accused of leaking personal information of their clients/users or, in other cases, great hackers spill the data all over the internet.

And as we rapidly move all of our data to the digital world, it is imperative for corporations to start being more careful and transparent with people’s information.

Blockchain is the ideal platform for any type of business to store their enormous volume of data with clarity and security. Known as the most disruptive technology that emerged after the internet itself, it is finally getting the deserved attention.


This is how blockchain and data security can work together:

  • Tamper-proof - This is the primary characteristic to make data security great. The blockchain network doesn’t have a single point of failure, because it is distributed, so all the information is stored across the world in nodes. To change any information, it would be necessary to attack
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Ethereum DApps: a quick look at the decentralized application trend

by riyasteve2 months ago

Ethereum definitely opened the doors for making Decentralised Applications (DApps) popular.

Created in 2015, the platform quickly became a huge success. Not only because has some improvements compared to the Bitcoin blockchain, but also for the possibility of creating your own token in their network.


And that is exactly how DApps started to become popular.  From finance to games, it’s possible to create an infinity of decentralized application in the Ethereum blockchain.

If you are wondering what is a DApp, don’t worry, it is very easy to understand. A Decentralized Application is just like any other app, but better, once it's built into a distributed ledger network.

This means that any app developed in a Blockchain acquires some of the features of this disruptive technology, such as security, transparency and immutability. So, in simple word, DApps are improved applications.

According to the DappRadar, a website that tracks and provides data about DApps, there are about 1587 de

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