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How To Hire Best PHP Development Company?

Do you have any idea for PHP web development project? Want to build your website on PHP platform? Are you looking to hire expertise PHP development Company? Are you confused which company is best for your PHP project?

As we know PHP is a dynamic platform. PHP is best programming language which is used to create a business website. PHP also used to create a web application. PHP is easy to learn and use. To create a web application and website, PHP is one of the best scripting languages.

In a today’s market, many companies offer PHP development services at a competitive price. Also, companies provide hire developer services to reduce your development cost. Got an idea for building your website this think is good but at the same time you need to hire best PHP Developer Company, it’s very difficult decision.

When you start choosing a company for your website then one questions comes to your mind How to Hire Best PHP Development Company? Today I go to tell you some points which help you

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ProtonBits recognized as Best Magento Development Company by overseas clients

by protonbits4 months ago

Businesses are increasingly hoping on to online bandwagon to enhance the online visibility and revenue. Retailers come first for foraying into e-tailing to grow by leaps and bounds. Among all the platforms that retailers are leveraging to craft an eCommerce store, Magento is the one on which most of the retailers are counting.Magento is the world's most renowned Ecommerce and M-commerce development platform that lets the retailers touch the sky by creating an amazing omnichannel experience. Besides, the platform also enjoys the virtue of being counted as top 30 Ecommerce platforms with a market share of around 30%.No matter with how many features and functionalities the Magento platform is endowed, the end-results will never be rewarding unless the retailer won't get partnered with the top most Magento development company. That's where the ProtonBits A Magento Development company is such a company on which the retailers bank on to build their Magento Ecommerce store.

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6 Important Tips to Increase Shopify Sales

Owning an e-commerce store with a great sale can give you great success. When it comes to building an e-commerce store, Shopify falls under one of the best e-commerce store development platform. But it is not that much of an easy task. Firstly, you have to find a Shopify development company to design and develop your report eCommerce store.

Shopify is easy to use eCommerce platform founded in Canada which is widely used by so many successful entrepreneurs. Follow these easy Shopify tip to get the most out of Shopify and set up your eCommerce business to new heights.

Focus on Your SEO Business.

Nowadays, Each and every website on the world wide web needs to be SEO optimized in order to achieve desired SEO results. Optimizing your Shopify store according to Google algorithms is the vital things today to grow your visitors and make them worth coming to your store and buy a product.

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Top 6 Reasons Why Blockchain is Important in 2018

by protonbits4 months ago

The blockchain is the fastest growing technology in the world. Previously in 2017, we have been given so many proven factors which indicate that why blockchain is such important technology.

This year many business owners are giving it a chance to see if they can explore this technology.

Basically, it is one type of distributed ledger that contains digital data stored in packages which are known as a block. These type of blocks linked together make a chain which is called “blockchain”. It is the emerging technology that lies on the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum.


Integrity is one big factor that blockchain provides to its users. Mainly in blockchain transparency and immutability is all that you are needed to include. Blockchain records which are created on the basis of data integrity are so much solid that they can not be changed once created. Therefore it is highly reliable and minimizes the total efforts. It is very common for the transactional owners to m

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13 Unique Tips for Choosing Custom Software Development Company

Got an idea for your next software development project? Nowadays, Entrepreneurs can facilitate their business and maintain the organized business culture with the advance software development available in the market.Triple check the firm with whom you will work with over the next period of time, as it may decide your success or failure. In order to that, it is critical to choose a right software development company. As a matter of fact your wrong choice of the firm can be the biggest obstacle in your business growth.

Here we got you some considerable tips to choose a good development partner for your next software development project.

1. Ask for the References:

Today almost every business look forward to their web exposure. Therefore, ask in your network and try to filter the referrals for your development project. It will give your procedure a boost with a potential choice and honest feedback from your colleagues or friends.

2. Discuss the Quality:

Behind every successful softwar

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ProtonBits - Custom Software Development Company

Protonbits is a leading mobile application & Website development company providing expert services of mobile app, android app development, magento development, wordpress development, joomla development, cakephp development, php development, yii development & codeigniter development.

We first think business value and then execute the development. As a professional and experienced company, we have an expert team, defined processes and robust infrastructure to deliver exceptional software solutions.

Effective project management and a pool of talented developers, makes Protonbits a one-stop destination for top-notch software development services for mobile app, web and cloud. Small to medium size enterprises rely on us for complex projects in backend development, API development and more. We also have dedicated teams which expertise in every aspect of ecommerce development.

We are based in the US, India, Poland & Dubai and have served 100+ clients globally. Our team of expert developers

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