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Handy Pet Care Tips for New Pet Owners

Did you know that the British Veterinary Hospital witnessed a 12 percent rise in new pet registrations since January 2017?The world of pet lovers is growing exponentially. Along with that, there is a rise in overall awareness of setting up new pet homes, pet day care, and vet consultation too. If you are bringing home a new pet, you must prepare for many things to start out. Here’s a list of the initial pet care tips for new pet owners:#1: Flea, Intestinal Parasite, and Heartworm PreventionPet care begins with healthy habits. Pets are vulnerable to fleas, intestinal parasites, and heartworms. As a pet owner, it is devastating to see your pet suffer from such conditions. Ensure a vet consultation to learn more about the ways and practices to prevent such a disease. #2: Spaying & NeuteringBesides reducing the population of pets, spaying and neutering has plenty of health benefits. It improves the quality of life of pets and ensures they live a healthy and happy life. Go for a vet consult

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The 10 Best Mobile Pet Wash and Pet Groomers Near Me

Pets are an integral part of our lives. We need to take care of our furry friends on a regular basis for their healthy and hassle-free living. However, with our busy and hectic daily lives, it gets really hard for most people to take care of their pets. This is why services for mobile pet wash and mobile pet groomers Dubai have become such an immensely successful trend these days. Here are a few advantages of such services. •    They Save Your Time: Yes, we all know how crucial time is in everybody’s present lives. This is why you should hire the best and most reputed professionals for mobile pet wash who will arrive at your home whenever you need them. This way you do not have to face the hassle of travelling with your pet all the way for a wash or grooming. This way you can save your precious energy for other requirements as well. •  They Are Experts: Reputed services for mobile pet groomers only hire trained professionals who understand the needs of your furry best friend. They use

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Find Best Pet Grooming Services Near You

by petterrpetservices3 months ago

Owning a pet is a joy-filled experience, capable of uplifting you from your deepest sorrows and assuring that you go to sleep every night with a smile on your face. But, owning a pet is also a huge responsibility, one that assigns you to be responsible for another being`s life, almost akin to having a child. Just as you need to be pampered with luxuries every once in a while, your pets need pampering as well.

Take them for Pet grooming services, and gleam with pride as the amazed eyes of onlookers are turned towards your furry best friends` funky haircuts. Your pets will revel in the attention that they draw, making them adore you even more.

With a multitude of clinics offering Pet grooming services coming up in recent times, more and more pet parents are opting for these specialized options, to give their pets the look that suits them the most. Also, grooming pets at home with instruments suited for humans does present a challenge.

Similar to how spa sessions help in maintaining hu

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Choose the Best Animal Massage Therapy for your Pet

Animals do experience the same pains and aches as that by humans. And our beloved pets can experience the same soothing and healing effects of a massage therapy. Massage is basically the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body. Animal massage therapy can be used for a number of medical purposes such as; rehabilitation, conditioning, increased speed of healing, pain control and many more. One of the most important aspects of a pet’s healthcare is animal massage therapy. Studies have shown that regular massages can decrease pain and inflammation in their body. Experienced pet massage therapist who uses language communication, compassionate touches, understanding, and resolution of the inner body gives these pet massages. Petterr’s Pet Services provide you with an excellent network of pet therapist around the city. Their aim is to provide high-end animal healthcare services and outstanding quality animal therapy. Let us not waste time and contact us at https://www.petterr.com/pet-mas

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Treat your Pets with the Best Pet Grooming and Spa Service Providers

A clean pet is said to be a healthy and happy pet. Clean and fresh fur, clipped nails, brushed hair, pest free skin and clean teeth make a pet's behaviour better and their life’s comfortable. A number of adverse effects can occur if your pet is not properly or regularly groomed making things worse. A variety of serious conditions can arise if a pet owner neglects pet grooming and spa services required by their pets. When your pets regular grooming services are not attained, it can result in the rickety behaviour of your beloved companion and a pricey veterinarian’s bill.

Petterr’s Pet Services helps you in pampering your furry companion. One can find various pet grooming service providers offering a broad range of spa packages that are specifically made for different types of skin types such as dry, flaky and itchy skin. Our work is to help you find well-trained, experienced and cost-effective animal groomers through our brilliant pet network.

Having difficulty finding a trustworthy

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Dog walking services in dubai

Keeping your pet agile and active is very important for both their mental and physical health. There are a number of ways in which a pet owner can do so such as providing them with plenty outdoor time, taking them for daily walks and other various activities such as taking them hunting or to a dog park. Taking your pets, especially dogs for daily jogs and walks is the best way to keep them outgoing and active, which helps in keeping them physically healthy and fit. At times, due to vigorous working hours or other reasons, pet owners are not able to spare enough time to take them for a walk.This is where a caring and friendly pet walker comes in handy. We at Petterr’s Pet Services connect you with a number of pet walking service providers. Here you can get in touch with neighbouring Dubai pet walkers who are available on your beck and call. We provide you with all sorts of services ranging from off-leash group exercises to private walks.  To find the right pet walking service provider i

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pet service providers in use

Have you kept the long deserved family vacation on hold due to the unavailability of a reliable full-time pet sitter? We, at Petterr Pet Services, have a complete solution for this. We are a verified pet service platform in Dubai offering a host of services like pet sitting, pet walking, pet feeding, and pet boarding and so on. Now you do not have to worry about your furry friend while on vacation. We have tied up with thousands of full-time pet sitter who would take complete care of him like you do every day. Please call us at +971444 35714 or log in to our website at https://www.petterr.com/ to book your service now. We are always happy to help you.

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