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earthquake early warning

by oriccorc9343 months ago

Have you ever heard about the long-expected earthquake early warning called “The Big One”? It is a hypothetical earthquake with a magnitude of 8.0 or higher, which is believed to happen in areas that have not been active for several decades in California. The scenarios of this earthquake forecast that it will occur near densely populated areas.An earthquake of great magnitude, close to megalopolis, would be generating great intensities and increasing the probability of damage to basic infrastructure such as electricity, water, gas, communication routes, among others.The history of earthquakes in the San Andreas Fault is remarkable and its consequences have been catastrophic, causing millionaire losses and numerous deaths. The most important earthquakes occurred in: 1608, of magnitude 7.7; 1857, of magnitude 7.9; 1906 (The Great San Francisco Earthquake), of magnitude 7.8M; 1989 (Loma Prieta, SF), of magnitude 6.9; 1994 (Northridge), of magnitude 6.7.

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