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As person age, requirement of nutrition changes.Elderly Nutrition differs from nutrition in younger generation.As person ages, the amount of nutrients need to be increased .Vitamin D and calcium are the common nutrients that elderly  lack.A good diet with calcium and vitamin D is important to maintain proper balance of nutrients in elderly, Here are some tips to help your loved one maintain good nutrition.

Selecting the right amounts of fruits,vegetables , proteins , fibres, starch every day is important when designing   or maintaining elderly nutrition program.Around 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables are essential in each day.Best Choices of food for elderly will be apples, bananas, peas, broccoli, sweet potatoes, peppers, and oranges, as this food contain variety of minerals and  vitamins . Apart from vegetables and fruits, protein in diet is also necessary in diet.Red meats , fish contain high amount of protein and oils and vitamin B-12 which is essential for brain health. Dair

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Essential Vitamins and Minerals For Elders Living in Residential Care Home

by orchardhouse1 year ago

Basically, all vitamins you need and in the right amount can everyone can get from their diet. Choose residential care home which focuses on nutrition and diet seriously. Food should be well-balanced and tasty.At Care Home bexhill, we pride ourselves on our tasty and varied menus.

Let's have a look at different Vitamins and Minerals that elderly particularly need to pay attention to.  

  • Vitamin D – Vitamin D is necessary for the body since childhood.Vitamin D helps to regulate calcium and phosphate and is very much essential for bone and Muscle health.Individual attention is needed in older people for Vitamin D.We get a source of vitamin D from our diet by eating Oily fish and eggs.Most of the vitamin D we get is from sunlight.Active adults spending much time outdoors can get enough vitamin D from daylight. But the problem arises for the housebound elderly.If Mobility is the issue, then vitamin D supplement is a good option for them.In our residential care home, we provide a diet t
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