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Student Partners Program (SPP): Study in Canada

In order to streamline admission and visa procedures for admissions to Candian institutions, a framework was built between the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC). This framework is commonly known as SPP.

Benefits of SPP for Indian Students
  • Getting a visa is easier for studying in a community college as there is a lesser documentation required. Also, there is no need of income tax proof.
  • An increase in the number of visas issued.
  • Students can easily pursue courses of their interest in Canadian institutes.
  • Greater efficiency in the admission process and faster processing of visas. The visa processing generally takes 5 to 10 working days.
  • Around 47 Candian colleges are listed under SPP.

Study in Abroad

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What makes Germany an Excellent Study Destination Choice?

Germany is one of the most popular study destination choices for many international students. Yet, it remains an unpopular choice amongst Indian students.

Many Indian students are not aware of the study benefits this place has to offer. Even more, they don’t know how attractive this place can be as a study destination.

Global Recognition

By studying at a German university, you get exposed to high-quality education. A degree from a German institution is recognized by employers all over the world.

If you have an interest in cars, technology or engineering; this is your place to be. You’ll not only get to learn in a reputed university but will also gain practical exposure.

The education system in no other country can beat the standards set up in this country when it comes to scientific education.

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Prerequisites for Studying in Canada

With growing awareness, a greater number of students are now interested in studying in Canada. The number of Indian students applying for a Canadian student visa has dramatically increased over the past number of years.

The reasons could be country’s high-quality education system, reputed universities, and student-friendly government policies along with visa laws. There is a faster processing of visa applications and flexible university systems to facilitate the admission procedure for Indian students.

I must, therefore, congratulate you in case you’ve decided to pursue your study abroad journey in Canada. You have already achieved one of the key milestones. Taking a decision about the study destination of your choice is probably the toughest one when we talk about a study abroad journey.

Next, comes yet another daunting task of checking the university pre-requisite list. While the admission prerequisites may vary from one university to another, there is a list of basic requirem

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6 Amazing Ways to Save Money While Studying Abroad

Money is a crucial factor for Indian students while planning their study abroad journey. Due to the weakness of Indian economy, our students have to face a lot of problems in managing their study abroad finances. They may even have to curb their study dreams because of the money factor that is involved in an entire process.

The problem with Indian students is that they don’t have enough exposure to deal with financial problems that arise during their study abroad journey.

There are several methods of saving money as an international student in your study destination that many students are not aware of.

By implementing few simple techniques and strategies, it is possible to make huge savings. All it demands is awareness and some conscious efforts to make considerable money savings.

Study abroad

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