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Flashback: Retro Style Interior Design Borrowed From The 1980s

by mykukun8 days ago

Oh, the ‘80s – the time of everything over-the-top: the music was too loud, the pants were too tight, the makeup was too strong and the hair was simply too everything. Still, when we look at some of the most popular movies back then (Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles and Back to the Future), we can’t help but admire the production design. What seems as extravagant and pointless fusion of everything different at the first glance, in fact, makes perfect sense when you stop to look at it a bit longer. As it also makes sense for the current interior design trends to draw their inspiration from the ‘80s, since the ones before were relying on the ’70s-Marakesh-obsession. But how exactly ‘80s retro designs can be reinterpreted today? Come let’s try to understand them so that you can try out a few styles in your next home renovation project.

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Outdoor Living Spaces: Design Ideas And Important Things To Consider

by mykukun21 days ago

In a world of increasing urban cities with skyscrapers, owning outdoor living spaces is a luxury. You might not appreciate it, but you should. If you are one of the lucky ones, here are some ideas to make the most of your little piece of land. But before that, there are some essential elements to keep in mind when designing your outdoor living space: the architectural style of the house, the morphology of the outdoor space, and the natural environment.

Essential elements to consider when designing outdoor living spaces

The architectural style of the house

The outdoor style must be linked to the house to which it belongs. If your home has a rational character of pure geometric forms and few colors, the outdoor space should maintain continuity with this style. You can achieve outdoor living spaces of this type with a few contrasting materials and projecting textures and finishes from the inside to the outside.

The best and clearest example of how to do this is spatial unification acr

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Safe Design Solutions For Senior Friendly Bathrooms

Commonplace, daily routines are so easy we don’t even need to think about them. But as our bodies age, that simple step into the shower, or the few minutes it takes to stand at the sink and brush our teeth, become routines that take extended effort.

Complications arise for the elderly as balance and mobility become more and more difficult. Suddenly, the bathroom can be a dangerous place where a shower threshold can cause a painful fall or a difficult faucet can lead to scalding. The bathroom can even become an unwelcome space if walkers or wheelchairs have no room to enter.

That’s why safe designs for the senior friendly bathrooms are so important. Zero-threshold showers and walk-in bathtubs provide security, safety, and even style when done right.

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Zero-Threshold ShowersYou may step over the 6-inch threshold of your shower each morning without a thought. But when balance b

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