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Data Migration to SAP S/4HANA-The Best Practices

by mounicasharma7 months ago

 The organization ought to perform data evaluation in their current framework during the planning stage to make a move towards the SAP S/4HANA, with the goal that they can determine how to move, utilize and maintain data.  With the assistance of solid data management approach integrated with the planning phase, it is possible for the companies to bring down the risk, keep administrative consistency and to increase the ROI on their migration to SAP S/4HANA.

There are some key points which should be considered at the time of SAP S/4HANA data migration. They are:

1. The standards for the data quality, data mapping, and data conversion should be defined.

2. The recognition of significant data investors and their participation in over the course of the data migration project.

3. A tool required to mechanize the execution of mapping of data, data transformation, and data quality responsibilities in an organized and successive manner.

4. The initial data migration planning and cleaning,

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SAP FICO: Allow Smoother and Efficient Accounting Processes

by mounicasharma7 months ago

SAP Software has offered a module for Financial Accounting and Controlling, i.e. SAP FICO, with the help of this software, it is easy to conduct all the financial transactions, controlling and reporting activities. Due to its various features like easy configuration, user-friendliness and compatibility with other accounting software, SAP FICO is the most popular in organizations across industry domains. Well, handling and managing the financial account is the most vital activity in almost all types of industry; it does not matter whether it is finance or banking company, the manufacturing sector, healthcare or media services, etc. With SAP FICO you can work efficiently with precise data and quick procedures to meet your organizational objectives.

The SAP FICO works in the following manner:

  • Collect the correct information.
  • Perform advanced trend analysis
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Deliver comprehensive reports and
  • Create insightful charts

 The financial accounting module is

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Key Points for a Successful Implementation of SAP Fiori

by mounicasharma7 months ago

SAP Fiori is a kind of new user interface. SAP Fiori has cross-device application characteristic, which permits the user to begin a procedure on their desktop or laptop. These processes can further be continued on a tablet or a smartphone. SAP Fiori is established by utilizing the latest user interface structure that is UI5.

The SAP Fiori basically involves five Design Principles. Due to these principles that the SAP Fiori can be created easily and different transactions can be decomposed into its simple task-based user interface application. 

Role-based, Responsiveness, Coherence Experience,Simple, Delightful

Key points that should be considered for implementing SAP Fiori:

  1. Confirm that all the acute functionalities are tested
  2. SAP Fiori is not only to utilize the backend functionality
  3.  Ensure that the UI is tested on all widely used browsers
  4.  Influence the SAP Fiori Launch Pad to increase the SAP Fiori performance and solution stability
  5. Label the security anxieties as early a
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Which one is the best ERP system: SAP or Oracle?

by mounicasharma7 months ago

ERP is a business management software which permits a company to influence a suite of incorporating applications in order to restructure and automate various processes, developing a learner with more correct and effective operations. It provides comprehensive ability into the core business operations and improves systems with the help of a great resource tracking and reporting, database management and data sharing and overall improved information systems. It empowers the business growth. With the help of an ERP system, the businesses can expand without the addition of IT or recruitment costs.

An ERP system provides excessive benefits to your organization; however, it also can take time, effort and financial resources to implement and use it regularly. The complete ERP tools help businesses to cut through the uncertainty and drive better decision-making with the help of a flawless appearance and procedures. As ERP provides several benefits to the different organization, they are utiliz

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Golden Rules for SAP Suite on HANA & S/4HANA Migrations

by mounicasharma8 months ago

SAP S/4HANA is an intelligent next-generation ERP suite of SAP, which is explicitly designed for in-memory computing. It provides an adapted, consumer-grade user experience with SAP FIORI without any concern about the industry or business size. It also helps to drive immediate value to the business across all lines. With the help of SAP HANA in-memory platform, the SAP developers have prudently personalized the solution in order to meet the requirements and challenges of the digital economy. Along with the innovative processes, the companies can improve the existing processes to declare their advantage in the digital struggle.

This article presents some excellent rules and guidelines for migration toward the SAP HANA and S/4HANA.

  1. Define the scope of the project
  2. Build the Integrated schedule
  3.  Have a stakeholder map and communication plan
  4. Develop mid-level and comprehensive plans
  5.  Have a production-sized sandbox and prototype
  6. Consider having some skin in the game from SAP
  7.  Join
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Business Benefits of SAP S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA is the most effective and successful ERP framework provided by SAP. The long-lasting SAP customers require a superior user interface, easier maintenance, lower of operation, improved integration with other applications, mainly services in the cloud, new business procedures for customer interaction and customer service from their ERP system in the upcoming year. All these features have been achieved in SAP S/4HANA but still, there are much more features.

Business Benefits of SAP S/4HANA:

  1. SAP S/4HANA is a substitute to the current SAP Business Suite
  2. SAP S/4HANA executes only on SAP HANA
  3. How complete is SAP S/4HANA?

                             The SAP S/4HANA is a complete product, due to this reason most of the companies have maximum long-term plans for SAP S/4HANA. It is a challenge to reform the wealth of functionality of the business suite, however, now the financial, deals and logistics are accessible and a large portion of the business particular arrangement wi

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Five Steps for Successful Migration towards SAP HANA

by mounicasharma8 months ago

 SAP HANA is the most demanding and significant technology revolution provided by SAP. Most of the organizations are moving towards the SAP HANA platform in order to obtain maximum competencies and become more agile. SAP has released almost all the SAP products as it has widespread capabilities to integrate.

SAP HANA isn’t just a custom database, it is basically an in-memory database platform which is deployed either on-premise or on the cloud platform and also allows you to quicken the various business processes, furnishes more business intelligence with enhanced advancements and capacity so that you can execute your business speedier and streamline the IT environment. SAP HANA provides exceptional consequences once it is implemented in a correct way in terms of performance, integration competencies, analytic intelligence, data processing and also enhances ROI of the SAP landscape with quicker time to esteem. In order to avoid the large financial and operational risks, the migration

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It’s Time to Open the Workday Cloud Platform

by mounicasharma8 months ago

The Workday is ready to move forward on the extensibility journey by proclaiming the intent to open the platform to customers and a larger ecosystem of partners, independent software vendors, and developers. This news was announced by the chief technology Architect Jon Ruggiero at Altitude at the annual conference for the Workday services ecosystem.

Workday has taken up their decisions based on the client input because a huge range of clients has been inquiring for the additional open Workday platform. They want to utilize the Workday as a cloud backbone which supports solid and digital workflows across several business applications, observing more insight into how the work is carried out by the people and how their businesses are functioning in this hyperlinked, real-time world.

When Workday has opened its Cloud Platform and entered into the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) market, it actually means to allow the customers and the wider ecosystem to utilize the Workday platform services

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Workday prepared to defeat the European SaaS HCM Market

by mounicasharma8 months ago

The global landscape of the HCM market has three major vendors mainly Oracle, SAP, and Workday, which are dominating the SaaS market. From a European perspective, there are only two major contenders in this market and they are Workday and SAP SuccessFactors.

European organizations using HR SaaS software usually rely on Workday’s software for core HR, platform integration, analytics, self-service, and benefits administration aspects. These are the major features that offer foundations for HR transformation programs in Enterprises throughout the world. After Workday Learning has been announced, Workday is making a considerable move towards the area of Learning and Development.

The upcoming generation of ERP customers will look forward to do business with a vendor which is prepared to:

1. Beating competitors over time to market with regard to innovations.

2. Expanding well beyond HCM and Finance.

3. Get under its belt massive libraries of reusable algorithms, analytics, and other mac

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Introduction to Machine Learning

by mounicasharma8 months ago

Machine learning is, fundamentally a technique of data analytics that explains the computers to perform the tasks based on the previous experience. It refers to the transitions in systems that carry out the tasks related to the artificial intelligence. These tasks incorporate the analysis, recognition, planning, robot control, forecast etc.

 The main objective of the machine learning is to recognize the data structure and apt that particular data into models which can be easily understood and used by the people. However, it is an area within the computer science and contrasting from the outdated computational methods.

These computational techniques involve a series of an algorithm which are the encoded instructions followed by a computer to solve a particular problem, whereas the machine learning algorithms permit the computers to get trained on provided data inputs and utilized statistical analysis to provide the output values within a particular series.

Due to this, the computer c

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