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author: AA Auto Warranty

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AA Auto Protection via Pinterest

AA Auto Protection is a comprehensive agency, in that it provides a wide variety of plans and products for you to choose from. We believe every car has its own needs, and limiting those needs to just a few choices of contracts doesn’t deliver efficiency to car owners. This is why, while we focus on bringing only high quality contracts, we also provide a wide spectrum of plans since everyone’s situation is different. We have Full Coverage Plans, Premium Stated Component Plans, Stated Component Plans, Powertrain Plans, and more. We promise to you high quality plans along with high quality service. We diligently work to research the best providers in the nation and then select the best insured Vehicle Service Contracts to make available to our customers. All the options available here at AA Auto Protection are guaranteed to offer value and worth to you so you can relax and find a plan that meets your car’s needs without worrying about the quality of the contract.

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AA Auto Protection Reviews Video via Vimeo

After decades of experience in the Vehicle Service Contract industry, the founding members of AA Auto Protection realized there was a significant lack of convenience provided to consumers. At the time, there were two main ways of obtaining service contracts for car owners: 1) highly expensive contracts through car dealers, or 2) cheap, nameless and uninsured policies through telemarketing companies. In the highly competitive market, many providers sold products that were cheap but without any guarantee. Customers fell for these extremely low-priced contracts only to realize later that the provider had closed its doors, leaving the customers with zero coverage. For a long period of time, it was either too costly, or too risky for the average vehicle owner to buy Auto Service Contracts.

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AA Auto Protection

by maxsmith12341 month ago

Auto Protection is a Vehicle Service Contract broker committed to helping our customers secure the highest level of coverage within their budget. AA Auto Protection was established in 2003 and is one of the few companies to have dealt directly with consumers online for more than a decade.

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Auto Warranty Plans - Detailed Reviews

Auto warranties are generally considered a wise purchase, since the cost of car repairs can easily exceed thousands of dollars. However, that reasoning only holds true if the auto warranty covers the repairs needed.Auto Warranty Plans - Detailed Reviews

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