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Hire Freelance Palo Alto Security Engineers

Finding a Palo Alto firewall engineer used to be a challenge. But now, thanks to Field Engineer, the process couldn’t be more straightforward. With us, you can find a security engineer who will help you install and maintain your firewall software on your organization’s computers and firmware on your devices. Field Engineer is a user-friendly platform that enables organizations to connect to and hire Palo Alto certified network security engineers in real-time. No waiting for recruiters; no hefty fees.The way the system works is simple. Your organization signs up to the platform, and then you post the jobs you want doing and wait for responses. Palo Alto network engineers will then send you applications for review, along with star-ratings, allowing you to select the people or person you want to do the job. It’s simple, quick and, thanks to the many features of the platform, easy too.

Read More: https://www.fieldengineer.com/c1/hire-freelance-palo-alto-security-engineers


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Cisco IP Telephony Engineer | Job Description, Jobs, Employment & Salary

A Cisco IP Telephony Engineer is responsible for resolving incidents and service requests assigned by network teams. They must work in collaboration with vendors and partners to identify and rectify issues and implement solutions that provide tactical and long-term solutions. Engineers must also play an active role in reviewing working environments and providing suggestions on how a configuration can be standardized. Cisco IP Telephony Engineers are further responsible for understanding how processes can be improved.

Engineers must plan changes and acquire necessary approval from line management and Change Advisory boards. They must also coordinate with their teams and complete configurations for sites migrating to a Cisco IPT solution. Cisco IP Telephony Engineers should be well-versed with Cisco Unified Communication Manager provisioning. They also must be able to enable specific features and services and install Cisco Unity Connection Administration versions 10 and higher.



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Find a Freelance Wireless Network Technician

Wireless Network Technicians are responsible for resolving mediation applications and systems. A  Network Technician must provide first- and second-tier production support relating to data mediation applications and servers. They must research, identify and resolve support tickets, system alarms, and production issues according to severity. The professional has to implement suitable and appropriate responses quickly and effectively.

Technicians must provide data validation and analysis of call detail and usage records from various network elements. They must further do research regarding missing usage and call detail records. Network Technicians must ensure quality customer service and offer technical assistance to a varied user community. They are responsible for system environments, scripts, and mediation configuration changes.


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Juniper SDN Cloud Engineer

Juniper SDN Cloud Engineers are professionals who design and implement various components in Contrail’s SDN controller and do so in a fast-paced environment. Engineers must have technical competence, and they must be capable of creating functional specifications, design documents, and other similar documents. They must also closely collaborate with product managers and other members of senior management.

The primary function of Juniper SDN Cloud Engineers is to investigate various designs of front-end customer solutions and to explore their unique requirements. Additional responsibilities include:

    • To conduct functional and unit testing, and to automate this when required
    • To document functional specifications and technical designs
    • To assess and understand open source technologies

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wireless network engineer salary

According to Indeed, the average earnings of a Wireless Network Engineer (CCNP certified) range in a senior position from about $87,772 per year to $106,566 per year in the United States. While their average annual earnings are $83,998 per year, freelancers earn $24.57 per hour, says Payscale.If you want to work as a freelance Wireless Network Engineer in the Telecom Freelance Marketplace, visit Fieldengineer.com. It helps you to connect with employers seeking qualified candidates. More than 40,000 engineers from various fields in 180 countries are registered on it, making it easy for employers to hire candidates with the skill sets they require.


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cyber security technician job description

A Cyber Security Engineer plans, performs, oversees, and upgrades the security of computers and network systems. The individual responds promptly to tickets which users raise regarding issues affecting their computer systems.  

Cyber Security Engineers fix and protect computer systems from data theft by staying abreast with the latest technological developments. They collaborate with the IT team of their organization to install an emergency arrangement so that systems recover fast after they are taken down by viruses, malware, spyware, etc. Because threats can affect computers and network systems at any time, engineers must be ready to work round-the-clock 365 days a year.

Read More: cyber security technician job description

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Freelance IT Engineer

An information technology (IT) engineer manages computer hardware, software, network, and other applications that are related to computer systems of an organization. IT engineers’ job role varies depending on the organization they work for. They, however, configure, install, troubleshoot, and manage their workplace’s technology and software programs. Engineers will have to work with LANs/WANs/MANs to ensure that these networks meet the requirements of an organization.An IT engineer generally reports to the IT manager. The individual has strong analytical and problem-solving skills.Within the broad umbrella of IT Engineers, there are various fields, such as hardware engineering, software engineering, network engineering, and telecom engineering, among others, one can specialize in. They can also work as cloud architects, web developers, mobile application developers, etc.

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Network Administrator Job Description

A network administrator is an information technology expert who is responsible for managing, overseeing, and maintaining an organization’s computer network up-to-date and ensuring it is running smoothly. Any organization or a company that uses multiple computer systems or software platforms needs a network administrator to coordinate and connect different computer systems and monitor the communication systems to ensure the information is flowing properly within the organization.

Administrators focus mainly on the network components in their client’s premises or within their organization. They may, at times, have to design and deploy new networks.

In smaller organizations, network administrators take care of  maintaining PCs/laptops, routers, switches, printers, tablets, and smartphones, among others. They monitor the network, update hardware and software, test network for glitches, assess network management software and install and deploy security procedures.


Read More:  Network

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IP Network Engineer | Job Description, Jobs, Employment & Salary

IP Network Engineers design, implement and maintain a company or organization’s IP Ethernet network. It is their responsibility to develop tools to manage the network. They provide all necessary technical assistance to operation groups around the clock as needed.

The IP Network Engineer researches developing standards for an organization’s network configuration. They must also produce documentation of the existing network topology as well as possible new technologies for use by engineering and operations. The technician proactively seeks opportunities to optimize traffic distribution in collaboration with the operations department.


Read More:  IP Network Engineer | Job Description, Jobs, Employment & Salary

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