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Ghagra Designs That Are Truly Attractive For Different Sizes

Brides, wearing designer lehenga in their wedding have become a very popular trend these days. As is known to all, marriage is one of the most important occasions of a girl’s life and thus everything has to be perfect for her starting from the food, guests and her wedding dress. The bridal makeup and her entire getup, everything has to be selected minutely. For this reason, several factors have to be considered before deciding the designer ghagra for the bride.

Every girl has a different kind of body shape and she should dress according to that so as to perfect in her D day. The article guides some of the types of ghagras which should be worn them according to their sizes and shapes.

• For the hour glass shapedIf a girl has a similar and proportionate hip and shoulder with a tiny, then this she is said to have an hour glass figure. It is said that each and every kind of dress looks perfect on an hour glass figure. The best type of lehenga choli which should be worn is the fishtail le

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Net Saree Designs With Heavy Embellishments

Speaking of fashion, net sarees are the current hot favorites of every style oriented woman of the nation. These are designer creations that come in different colors, adorning different patterns and exhibiting a wide variety of designs and motifs. The essential sheen and shimmer of the material of net help to bring out the stylish essence of the sleek embroidery work done.

Apart from embroidery, these net sarees exhibits a wide array of other embellishments and designs that emerge out of different design ideas. In some places, appliqué work is used and in others, heavy set laces are added to the borders that add to the looks of the saree. Heavy Set Laces – This is a very common designing style that has taken the market by a storm. In this pattern, a heavy set lace is attached to the borders of the saree. It runs all along the saree ends and gives a different dimension to the saree. The lace added to the net saree can be either a contrasting colored one or can be the same color as the

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