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Cultivating an exceptional customer experience for your customers is as important as delivering a great service in today’s era! An impeccable customer service alone cannot meet the ever-increasing expectations of today’s customers. Here are the best ways to create a great customer experience strategy that helps retain your customers and build a loyal customer base.

Determine the exact experience you want to capture:

This is the very first step when creating a customer experience strategy. It starts with the establishment of your company’s guiding principles. Thereafter, all the departments of the company from sales to marketing to product design to customer support need to be aligned so as to make the strategy successful.

Dig deeper into customer demographics:

An effective customer experience strategy can be created only if you know what your customers really want from you. So, it’s imperative that you gain insights into customer demographics spanning from age to education to ethni

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As a business, taking care of your customers’ requirements and striving hard to enhance the customer experience is a great idea. Further, providing an amazing live chat support so that they can reach out to you in case of queries is a commendable move.

A live chat software ensures an enhanced customer service, boosted sales and higher customer satisfaction. But that’s just one side of the coin. What if your live chat agents are not trained enough to provide the desired support? What if they are committing certain mistakes that are simply screwing up your live chat support?

Well, is that’s the case, your live chat support would not contribute to revenue growth but simply drive your customers away. Let’s have a look at the silliest live chat mistakes that may cost your business a lot:

Concentrating only on reactive approach:

A reactive approach is the one where the website visitor or the customer is supposed to initiate a chat. Now, if you are only waiting for the customers to initia

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Meeting or exceeding customer expectations is possible only if you know what exactly your customers want. Knowing their pain points helps improve the service quality and boost customer satisfaction. A customer feedback survey is the best way of knowing about customers preferences, likes, dislikes and hidden requirements. However, businesses need to identify the customer feedback medium that would work best for them. Here are the best ways of doing the same:

Customer surveys:

Customer surveys provide the best and accurate results when conducted appropriately. A customer survey requires some potential and relevant questions to know the hidden requirements of customers. You can either put up all such questions on a dedicated feedback channel or print them on papers to be distributed.

Live chat:

Live chat can be a great medium for collecting customer feedback due to the real-time connection it creates between the business and its customers. A wide range of issues can be addressed using

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Customer service is not only about providing an exceptional support to the customers. It’s about looking after all the aspects that relate to the relationship between a business and its customers. The one that’s most noticeable of all is an irate, dissatisfied or angry customer. The reason for his/her fury may vary anywhere from a defected product to a complicated return policy. Whatever the situation be, the success of a business lies in combating such situations in the most effective manner. Here’s all that should be done when you encounter an infuriated customer:

Be positive and patient:

Being a live chat agent, this is the most important quality that a person should possess. It’s necessary to maintain a positive attitude and ensure that your chat tone is positive. Making use of positive phrases and carrying out the chat patiently irrespective of how badly the customer behaves is the key to winning him/her over.

Let them explain:

It is best to let your angry customers explain th

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A CRM system helps manage the relationship between a business and its customers so as to help the business grow. It actually helps organize the data collected through the interactions between the customers and agents. In addition to this, a CRM also allows tracking the history of all such interactions, whenever needed.

And this does not end here! Integrating the CRM system with a live chat service further adds to the efficiency of a CRM. Read on to know how:

Enables personalization:

Though live chat alone can enable businesses to provide a personalized service to their customers, integrating it with a CRM can further add to this tailored service. This integration helps empower the sales and support team by providing everything from chat transcripts to customer expenditures to offline messages. It further facilitates immediate recognition of the customers and their preferences so as to provide faster query resolutions.

Inflates sales:

When the sales and support teams have an instan

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You must have often heard about the benefits that a live chat support provides to any business using this amazing support tool.

What nobody tells you is that a live chat support is of no use if your website visitors don’t avail it. In other words, if the chat volume on your website is less, you can’t really expect to achieve the desired amount of conversion and customer satisfaction.

So, what can be the possible solution?


Well, in order to gain more website conversions and a high customer satisfaction rate, you first need to boost the live chat volume on your site. Here’s how it’s done:

Place the live chat button correctly:

One of the most common reasons why your website visitors do not avail your live chat support is because they are not even able to find it in the very first place.

So, make sure that you place the chat button is placed high on the page and not lost among lots of other images. Instead of placing it on the bottom of a Contact Us page, place it at all readily v

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E-commerce trends that’ll be big in the year 2018

Technology is continuously evolving.So are the e-commerce trends.Due to the competitive nature of the businesses,some of the trends may continue to rock and the others may fade away.In order to keep up with the latest challenges in the online market,one needs to be aware of the latest e-commerce trends.That’s what we are here to help you with!

Read on to know the topmost e-commerce trends that’ll rock 2018!

Source : Live Chat Agent

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Clever hacks to make your customer loyalty programme a success

Customers love having choices.They love being valued.They love their opinions being voiced.And a business that never fails to provide all this,is the one that’s successful today!

A customer loyalty program is one of the many ways of making your customers feel appreciated and encourage them to be with you for long.Personalisation encompasses activities like an advanced access to new products,special discounts on certain products and so on.Successful loyalty programs help the businesses to strengthen their relationships with their customers.

Now the question is,what all makes a customer loyalty program successful?

Read on to know the answer:

Source : Live Chat Agent

Business,Increase website conversion,Business,Customer loyalty programme,Tips for successful customer loyalty programmes

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In a world like today, where most of the businesses swear by the power of a live chat support on their websites, there are still a number of others who are reluctant to use the impeccable support tool for their business.

The reason?

A serious of questions that they keep repeating over and over again. They really need to get over the hump so as to leverage the technology. Here are some lesser known chat support myths that are responsible for this hesitation:

Source : Live Chat Agent

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Live chat: An amazing tool that helps you garner valuable customer data

posted by livechatagent 6 months ago
tags: live chat agent customer data

In the digital world, there is nothing more important than data. Live chat provides an additional layer of data which augments our existing tracking and attribution tools. The data which you receive differs according to the platform. 

Source : Live Chat Agent

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