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B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, And Trends 2016

A recent research conducted by Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, sponsored by Brightcove revealed that 88% of respondents use content marketing to drive their campaigns profitable and improve customer engagement

  1. Percentage Of B2B Marketers Who Have A Content Marketing Strategy
  2. Expected Change In B2B Content Creation By Marketers In 2016 As Compared To 2015
  3. What Percentage Of Content Marketing Tactics Does Organization Use?
  4. Percentage Of Total Marketing Budget Spent On B2B Content Marketing
  5. Top 5 Priorities For B2B Content Creators
  6. Top Content Marketing Challenges
  7. Goals And Metrics Of Most Content Marketers

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Collaborative Software users email list

Get a Collaborative Software users email list from InfoClutch and reach out to professionals and companies using Collaborative software.

The Collaborative Software customers list is everything you need to launch sales campaign through email, direct mail, and telemarketing channel.

The list is obtained by combing selective markets having a greater volume of prospects in need of resources. The carefully chosen customer records are useful for marketers while launching multichannel marketing campaigns. Get your fully customized list by talking to us.

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B2B Content Marketing Campaign in 2016

A good content distributed can draw customers to your website, capture leads and help sell products, So here are the tips for successful B2B Content Marketing Campaign.

Here are five best practices that can boost to your content marketing strategy in 2016.

  1. Document Your Strategy
  2. Have A Content Calendar
  3. Develop Unique Content
  4. Don't Write Only For Search Engines
  5. Track Your Progress

A good content distributed can draw customers to your website, capture leads and help sell products. 

According to a recent finding by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, sponsored by Brightcove says that 76% of B2B marketers will produce more content in 2016 which proves that content marketing is here to stay.

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How And Why Should You Integrate Your Marketing Data?

Marketing middleware serves as a lubricant , So here are the reasons Why should you Integrate your marketing data for automation.

It is the crystal chandelier shining values through metrics collected from real time operations.

A new execution strategy may be snuck somewhere behind critical data which otherwise could have slipped unseen had marketers paid lesser attention. 

Data is continuously milled from these middleware platforms, but it can mean nothing if they are rusting in silos.


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Google App Engine Users List

We at InfoClutch track all companies using Google App Engine which includes location, contact details, email id etc.

Seamlessly reach prospects that are likely to prefer your services by talking to them via phone, email, and direct mail channels. 

The list is especially suited for targeting developers, users, and decision makers’ dependent on cloud technology.

Using this list, you can talk to global users within US, UK, Japan, Germany, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East.

The Google App Engine users email list is sourced by tracking all leading cloud-based App Engine technology and gathering a detailed report identifying qualified prospects having purchase intent.

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Java Technology Customers Email List

If you have products meant for Java users, choose Java Technology Customers Email List from InfoClutch to begin prospecting Java technology developers, users, and key decision makers. Our highly accurate list helps targeting prospects with buying intent  

Being one of the most popular platforms for a application building, it presents numerous opportunity for a marketer to sell the services and make high-quality revenues.

Exploring  innumerable collection of Java Users database such as:


Java Embedded

Java ME Embedded Client

Java SE Advanced and Suite

Java TV

MJava Cloud Service 2009

Event Processing for Oracle Java

Java SE Support

Visit our site for information on Java Technology Users  :

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Microsoft Customers list

Every Microsoft users record we collect is free of errors and is up to date for delivering maximum values. Since, there is no generic contacts information; we assure you an authentic marketable data.

Target executives of companies using Microsoft products using Microsoft users list. It is an ideal set of data capable of churning desired results. With a mix of carefully selected business records, you will never again miss a chance to grow your revenues and brand identity.

Collection of Microsoft users database such as:

Microsoft Azure user mailing list

Microsoft .NET users mailing list

Microsoft Dynamics GP user mailing list

Microsoft Dynamics AX user mailing list

Microsoft Dynamics ERP user mailing list

Microsoft exchange server user mailing list

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Infusionsoft Users List

InfoClutch provides most accurate Infusionsoft users list and customers list based on different selects like geography, demography, designation etc.

We present you the details of prospects ready for conversion by saving your valuable dollar and time.

With advanced data segregation and management capabilities, we can provide you a customized database of all prospects that may need the right products and services.

Visit our site to know more in deatil

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Siebel CRM users list

Ready to target Siebel users who may need your technology solutions? Siebel CRM users list from InfoCLutch is a catalyst for accelerating the sales relationship. Choose our email list today and grow your ROI tomorrow.  

We Track All Siebel Products Users : 

Siebel Sales Applications Users List

Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite Users List

Siebel E-Commerce Users List

Siebel CRM Users List

Siebel Quote & Order Capture Users List

Siebel Contact Center and Service Users List

Siebel Partner Relationship Management Users List

And more.!  

Visit our website to get more details 

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6 Sure Shot Ways To Boost Email Click-through Rate

The email standards are evolving and so is the prominence of metrics in email marketing programs.The Click through rate of email is a prime factor for conversion and here are the 6 sure shot ways to bolster your Click through rate.

  1. Do Not Deceit Prospects
  2. Enjoyable Information
  3. Incorporating Links To Content
  4. Using High-Quality Images
  5. Personalization
  6. Coupons And Offers

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