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trans cinnamaldehyde msds

Cinnamon Cassia Bark ( Cortex Cinnamomi) is the dried bark of the plant"Cinnamomum Cassia Presl." Cortex Cinnamomi is rich in volatile oil, the oil contains Cinnamic aldehyde, benzaldehyde, cinnamic acid, phenylpropyl acetate, cinnamyl acetate, coumarin, Cinnamon alcohol, β-elemenecopaene etc. also contains much polyphenols and flavonoids.Our factory adopts low temperature smash, Supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction - separation - refining to get Cinnamaldehyde Oil. the polyphenols and flavonoids are extracted by the material after Supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction, it is a pure polyphenols and flavonoids with a very lower content of cinnamaldehyde not more than10ppm and coumarin more than 200ppm.We blend the Cinnamaldehyde Oil into the Cinnamon Cassia Bark extract power to get a new product which is designed for feed additive, which includes the three main ingredients: Cinnamaldehyde, polyphenols and flavonoids.

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sustained release magnesium

Time Release Magnesium pellet is a unique product, specifically designed to slowly release magnesium in your body over 8 hours, allowing your body to properly absorb and utilize magnesium as it needs, without any negative digestive effects.

Time Release Magnesium pellet is ideal for people who have more sensitive systems or for those who prefer magnesium to be released into their body throughout the day. It is ideal for soothing nervous tension and stress right throughout the day or for supporting sleep right throughout the night.

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Mixed fuel vertical lime kiln

by lanscend3 months ago

The mixed fuel vertical lime kiln (lump coal and limestone) usually refers to the lime kiln which uses solid fuel, including coke and coal as fuel. The so-called new energy saving mixed fuel lime shaft kiln is a reasonable height to diameter ratio, which can realize the three thermal process of the preheating zone, the calcining zone and the cooling zone. Making full use of fuel energy, the entire operation process of the kiln top feed and kiln bottom discharge is closed, and the flue gas is discharged from the pipeline through the dust collector to achieve no pollution discharge. From the feeding, batching, material level and temperature detection, the discharging is mechanized or automated operation and control. Using a variety of patent technology to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.

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