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AI in the Context of Digital Transformation

In the enterprise, no buzzword is as buzzy as the term “digital transformation”. If you spend any amount of time reading whitepapers, analyst research, or attending webinars you’ll see the term digital transformation used in conjunction with a wide range of enterprise-focused technologies ranging from data centers to application development, to enterprise architecture and AI and blockchain.

What is Digital Transformation?

Many industry pundits and authorities like to talk about the subject of digital transformation, but the concept boils down to the key idea that technology, and in particular digital technology (computers, networks, data, embedded systems, and the like), lead companies to transform the way they work to take advantage of the more efficient and advanced ways of working.

Aloha Technology.

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Does Synthetic Data Hold The Secret To Artificial Intelligence?

Could synthetic data be the solution to rapidly train artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms? There are advantages and disadvantages to synthetic data;

What is synthetic data?

When a computer artificially manufactures data rather than measures and collects it from real-world situations it’s called synthetic data.

Advantages of synthetic data

Huge data sets are what powers deep learning machines and artificial intelligence algorithms that are expected to help solve very challenging issues. Creating synthetic data is more efficient and cost-effective than collecting real-world data in many cases.

Disadvantages of synthetic data

Even if synthetic data is really good, it is still a replica of specific properties of a real data set. A model looks for trends to replicate, so some of the random behaviors might be missed.

Aloha Technology Helps Global Companies Race to the Top With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Why AI-driven analytics will have the measure of the digital enterprise

As the name succinctly says, big data has always been about scope, scale and volume; a more the merrier ethos when it came to the intelligence suddenly at business's disposal

The sheer volume of insight generated by big data was considered a prerequisite for accurate decision-making. It brought gigabytes and terabytes to mainstream parlance, while signalling a whole new era of data handling and management with greater complexity and opportunity in terms of application.

Aloha Technology's Digital Transformation solutions bring innovative technologies to assist enterprises of any size or industry.

As a result, gut feel is replaced with an augmented human brain, thanks to algorithmic prowess.

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Is your automated technology a threat to customer relationships?

Companies claim that automating communication with the customer is making their journey much more efficient and streamlined. But is that really the case or are companies just putting a barrier between them and their customers?

The broken process: using technology to replace human interactions

It seems almost impossible nowadays for customers to get through to anyone on the phone when calling a company. Bearing in mind customers are likely to only pick up the phone when they want to sort something out quickly or they have a problem, this poor experience is probably going to have a damaging effect on brand perception and loyalty. A Times investigation for instance recently found that Britain’s Big Six energy suppliers were taking more than 20 minutes to answer customer phone calls in some instances, prompting many to switch suppliers. In today’s competitive market, businesses cannot risk losing their customers because of poor service.

Aloha Technology.

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Most of the companies are in hurry to adapt artificial intelligence- here whats tripping them up

  • Companies that are rushing to embrace artificial intelligence technologies are running into big problems with their data.
  • Some companies don't have enough data, others have it in disparate places, and still others don't have it in a usable format.
  • Because of such challenges, some early adopters have abandoned AI projects.

If there's one big thing that might thwart companies' headlong rush to adopt artificial intelligence for their businesses, it's data.

Aloha Technology can develop and deploy software enabled with AI and ML.

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How Human And Machine Intelligence Powers The Intelligent Enterprise

Transforming a company into an intelligent enterprise is not as simple as declaring it to be so, or even as simple as moving data and applications off premises and into the cloud. The intelligent enterprise is a complex organism that brings together machine and human intelligence across all business functions to deliver value to customers.

An intelligent enterprise must be able to manage, share, process, and analyze any information anywhere, at any time such as Aloha Technology manages all Enterprise Application. 

With the right foundation, you can integrate existing systems, processes, and crucial business knowledge to become seamlessly connected and capable of innovating with agility and speed. Read more here

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AI & Machine learning – Redefining Support Service

This past week, a number of you might have performed some normal, day-to-day activities via mobile phones like ordering food online, booking a cab, and reserving seats for a movie or book a table at a restaurant. Amazingly, less than a decade ago, the majority of these tasks might have needed us to get to know many different people - nowadays, each one of these and many more behavior can be accomplished without having human contact. These kinds of is the effect of enterprise applications and Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and Machine Learning ( ML).

Slowly, nearly all the brands that we talk with every day are building us correspond with machines and bots for basic functions, grievance redressal, and assistance such as Aloha Technology. Customer support is an important foundation of most businesses. Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and Machine Learning ( ML ) are producing this pillar a lot more precise, quick, cost-efficient and far more smart than ever before.

Read On http://www.apse

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The Rise of AI & Machine Learning in the Transport & Logistics Market

Faster digitization is enforcing enterprises to improve their operations. Businesses want to become much more agile and also efficient. Tasks that might once need days to be carried out are now being carried out in minutes. Because of superior enterprise technology, business strategies are highlighted quick results in lower rates.

The development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning possess set the pulleys of evolutionary automation processes in motion. Outsourcing services suppliers like Aloha Technology are producing new strides in the growth of this kind of technologies in helping business operations.

Read More on: https://www.pr5-articles.com/Articles-of-2018/rise-ai-machine-learning-transport-logistics-market

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