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AI and ML trend to watch in 2019

In 2019, companies will want to use data more efficiently, maintaining the 2018 trend. Optimising and managing multicloud environments was a priority for many companies last year, and so was the need to integrate security at a basic level. None of these trends will disappear in 2019, and we will see an interesting mix between “evolution” – expanding and developing already-existing trends – and “revolution” – demands that are always changing and forcing companies to adopt digitalization and new technologies more quickly, according to a report released on Thursday by Cisco.

AI-ML will become routine

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) have progressed quickly over the past few years. AI-ML innovation has solved old problems, leading to a conviction that these technologies can be a solution for many challenges. Consumer apps with high visibility such as driverless cars or digital robots that “look like humans” have caught the public’s attention, but this enthusiasm

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Reimagining e-commerce with Artificial Intelligence

What initially felt like a miraculous feat, turned out to be a rather inevitable innovation in the field of automation. Artificial intelligence was very quickly incorporated into all of the systems whose functions that it could simplify. An idea, that a computer could make certain suggestions or decisions on the basis of evaluating scores and scores of data has a far-reaching impact on many processes, particularly in the business world. Practices and procedures across industries have been simplified, enhanced and made ‘smarter’ by introducing artificial intelligence in their functioning. In terms of e-commerce as well, artificial intelligence has led to many innovations that have benefitted the platforms greatly. IT support provided by Aloha Technology has made many companies equipped with the most advanced technological tools.


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How these 4 companies leveraged Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation has time and again proved that its impeccable impact on any stage of business is worth taking notice of. Artificial intelligence is dramatically improving customer relationship management for even the smallest enterprises. Deep-learning technology has changed the rules of sales and marketing. The internet of things is propelling production, assembly, logistics and communications. Companies like Aloha Technology that have enabled digital transformation for many enterprises are key factors in driving digitization for higher productivity and financial success.

For startups or fast-growing businesses, digital transformation is not a long and difficult journey. With service providers like Aloha Technology, digital transformation can easily be a reality.


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Do the benefits of artificial intelligence outweigh the risks?

The discussion around Artificial Intelligence (AI) can sound a lot like Brexit. It’s coming but we don’t know when. It could destroy jobs but it could create more. There are even questions about sovereignty, democracy and taking back control.

 A recent poll from the RSA reveals just how oblivious the public is to the increasing use of AI in society. It found only 32% of people are aware that ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is being used in a decision making context, dropping to 9% awareness of automated decision making in the criminal justice system. Without public knowledge, there is no public debate and no public debate means no demand for public representatives to ensure ethical conduct and accountability.

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It's time to take a decision to adapt Artifical Intelligence and machine learning to grow your business with ALOHA TECHNOLOGY which can help you to ada

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How ready is enterprise IT for digital transformation in 2019?

The impact of technology on business over the last 20 years is well documented, but how effective are enterprises at taking advantage of technology to reconstruct their businesses? Based to a newly released info brief by IDC, 96 % of organizations have a digital transformation strategy; however, one 3 rd of them report that the distance between IT and the business is a major obstacle in their success towards digital transformation. The particular alignment of IT and the business is not optional today – it is imperative to stay relevant in a fast-moving world. How will IT choose to respond to the possibility to lead the way for digital transformation?

Key conclusions:

For 7 out of 10 organizations, their existing ITSM infrastructure is not agile enough to deliver IT to business faster

6 out of 12 don’t have the granular visibility to find IT service issues and fix them quickly

Over 55 percent of companies struggle in adopting best practices such as ITIL or DevOps due to ITSM restric

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Understanding and Adopting the best strategy for Digital Transformation

Technology has become an intrinsic part of all business operations. With an intent to optimize operations, companies embraced technology readily, and that has led to an evolution of business processes. Technology spearheads many projects and initiatives within an organization. It is an important component of assessing growth rate. It is the prime tool that ensures growth and development in a highly competitive market. It is no more a supplement to good business, it is a prerequisite.

The Digital Revolution

Digitization has completely transformed many practices across various industries. Digital and IT service providers like Aloha Technology help establish the required framework for these practices.


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Aloha Technology will guide the digital transformation of your organization

It is important to have practical and achievable digital goals. Digital transformation will turn into reality if organizations are practical about the financial aspect of it. Continuous improvement will ensure that each digital initiative is sustained in the long run. And most importantly, the correct partner to provide IT support is key. Aloha Technology offers multiple solutions in the direction of digital transformation that would help your organization move one step closer to increased growth and success.

The digital world is dynamic. Evolution and development in the technology space are taking place at an exponential rate. The shelf life of any new innovation has reduced drastically. We are more comfortable with quickly executing new tools and technologies even though its impact may not be comprehensively measured. In such a scenario, it is necessary to plan ahead. Business leaders must weigh all the probable outcomes of executing a new digital initiative. This would include asse

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Association Between Analgesic Use and Hearing Loss

Most everyone takes an aspirin or other pain reliever from time to time, and these drugs are very safe when taken in low doses or infrequently. But with an increased usage there is the potential risk of ototoxicity, or hearing loss as measured by several research studies. Hearing loss is a common sensory disorder, effecting up to a third of the population in their forties, and is the sixth most common disorder affecting us as we age. Even a slight loss of hearing can make it difficult to understand normal speech in the presence of background noise or several speakers. Hearing loss is highly associated with social isolation and depression.

A patient who experiences tinnitus in one or both ears, a change in the instensity or pitch of tinnitus, a feeling of fullness in the ears not caused by sinus or other infection or a loss of hearing should seek the advise of their physician. Especially important is to tell their doctor about their use of aspirin, NSAIDs, and other analgesic medicati

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