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JMS Marine Square Sector 102 Gurgaon-NEW commercial Project

JMS Buildtech has come up with a new commercial project in Gurgaon.  The project is launched as JMS Marine Square Sector 102 Gurgaon

JMS Marine Square

To get more information about the project, please click the above link.

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3 ways to buy a house if you do not meet the income requirements


Buying a house is an exciting process that requires time, research and money. And, for people who need a mortgage, you also usually need a good credit score. If your credit history has a lower score than what most lenders consider acceptable, it is time to explore other options.

Although rebuilding your credit is a way to improve your chances of qualifying for a mortgage, which can be a very long process. Before you begin your application process, use a mortgage qualification calculator to get an idea of how much you can afford. This will give you an idea of your price range, and how much you can ask the lender. Many lenders recommend you not to pay out more than 28 percent of your earnings on your mortgage.

Some people may want to buy a home sooner - due to the attractiveness of real estate prices or a low annual interest rate - than it might take them to improve their credit score. Even if you do not have time to give your credit score a useful nudge, there are still things you c

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