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Best Moving & Storage Facilities in Toronto

Toronto Service Center Inc. is the certified moving company in Toronto with storage facilities. Our many years of providing an unmatched level of moving & storage service and happy satisfied clients has afforded us this title.

Our moving and storage company in Toronto has been in business for twenty years and we are fully insured, bonded and licensed and our professional moving personnel are experienced, courteous and informative with an average of 5 years employment with us.


Our damage rate is probably the lowest among Toronto moving company and in the moving industry as a whole, with fewer than five claims processed through our insurance company, in the past five years, a small fraction of one percent!

For many years, we have been one of the most talked about Toronto local and long distance moving companies.

Our unmatched commitment to customer service have earned us a reputation for professionalism, reliability and honesty in today’s competitive moving industry.


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Buy Packing Supplies Online

Moving to a new place can be pretty exciting. However, relocating your stuff from one place to another can be stressful especially when you have a ton of fragile possessions. As responsible homeowners, we want to make sure that all possessions reach its destination in one piece. Luckily, finding the right packing can be easy as 1, 2, and 3 thanks to Boxshop.

Wide selection of products

Different packages require different boxes and Boxshop offers various kinds of boxes that’ll definitely suit your needs. Box sizes won’t be a problem because Boxshop caters both big and small boxes. They also have boxes for pictures and wardrobe. And if you’re looking for boxes to store your delicate belongings such as LED television or important files, you don’t have to worry about that as well for their specialty boxes got you covered.

  Promises speedy and secure transactions.

Boxshop is the fast food version of moving boxes Toronto. Their watchword is to send all customers’ orders as soon as poss

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Professional Resume Writing Service

Regardless of your location or industry, if you are looking for a job, you are probably in a competitive job market. There may be hundreds of applicants applying for the same job as you. It can be hard to stand out when there is so much competition. we can get resume service that is appropriate for your industry, the employment opportunity, and will communicate your skills and experiences professionally.

We know that the hardest part of writing a resume can be deciding where to start. It’s hard to write about yourself, and it’s even tougher to begin to walk through your career when you haven’t had to write a resume for a long time. Some of the most common questions we hear when clients come to us for a discovery call or consultation are:

  • How long should the resume be?
  • What font should I use?
  • Which resume format (chronological, functional/skill-based or a combination) is appropriate?
  • Which document format is acceptable?

The answers to these questions depend on your individual

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Fresh Flowers with Quick delivery services

The smell of flowers can be enough to lighten your mood and spread a smile across your face.

Whether you are looking to send flowers to your loved ones or want to keep these amazing things at your home, you can browse our online flower deliveryand order online the flowers you need.

We offer quick delivery services straight to your office or house. Our experienced florists and lowest prices will make you our regular customer and we would be happy to serve you.

  Lowest Prices

We offer the lowest prices for flower and flower bouquets. Nowadays, it is quite difficult to find high quality flowers along with low prices. However, we make sure that we maintain our standard and at the same time provide you with flowers at the lowest price. We strike a balance between quality and price.

Customers Are Our First Priority

Our customers are like our family and when they are happy we feel satisfied with our service. We value our customers and ensure that they receive the freshest fl

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Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Richmond Hill Area

Finding a laser hair removal clinic you trust can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Royal Laser has the best laser hair removal staff and technology in Richmond Hill. Our top-notch certified laser experts and medical skin therapists use the awarding winning, best-in-class Soprano laser technology to deliver incredible results.

Our team’s certifications follow:

  • Diploma in Esthetics
  • Laser Technologies Certification
  • Training For Alma Laser Soprano
  • Esthétique Spa International Certification
  • Oxygeneo Certification
  • Regen XL Certification

Besides the undeniable results, the second best part of laser hair removal treatments is that they are painless! Browse below for more information about our laser removal services, as well as some laser hair removal FAQs.

  Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

After having Brazilian laser hair removal, you won’t need to shave or wax again.

  Underarms and Arms Laser Hair Removal

Our lasers can remove hair from your arms or und

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Nuday, modern Colocation Datacenter in Canada

Brand New Datacenter in Markham, Designed by Racon Datacentres Engineering firm and built Completed in 2015.

It has 0-minute infrastructural downtime since operation started. Slab-to-Slab cement walls, 2’ raised floor and under-raised floor cabling is some of the key features of the datacenter.

The datacenter has customer lounge and workspace, truck level loading dock, side maintenance entry and 2 level of security authentication to enter the datacenter floor. The Amber datacenter is built with Tier 2 specifications.

Nuday is the first colocation in Canada data center that offers Smart Out Of Band management solution to the clients.

  • 1MW Facility (Phase 1)
  • Dedicated transformer from utility company
  • New Caterpillar Generator — Installed 2014
  • New Eaton Switching Gears — Installed 2014
  • 24 Hour Emergency Fuel
  • ASCO 7000 ATS
  • APC Symmetra Modular UPS Systems
  • A-B Power Option from different UPSs
  • Conveniently located at Markham Industrial Park
  • Easi
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Modern kitchen design

When we think of modern kitchens design, we think of frameless cabinets, sleek and simple hardware, modern kitchen features strong and clean horizontal lines in cabinets and counters and a lack of ornamentation, with the natural beauty of the materials shining through.

Kitchen layouts and designs have evolved significantly over the years because of the changing needs and desires of homeowners. Traditionally, kitchens were laid out separate and removed from the dining area. Hence, builders emphasized on utility rather than design and comfort.


For a modern family, kitchen is no longer an isolated corner of the house. It is the place where they greet each other in the morning, before setting off for their work or school. It is the area where they gather around in the evening, to discuss their day over a home cooked meal. On a day off from school, kids spend their time here, trying to make cookies, smoothies or fruit trifles. It is much more than just a place for preparing m

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Hydarfacial Treatments in Richmond Hill

Today, medical spas are using hydrafacial treatments all over the world to treat congested pores, fine lines, acne, wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation. We are pleased to answer answered some frequently asked questions about this popular, effective facial treatment…

  1- Can Hydrafacial Cause Breakouts?

You may have experienced breakouts on your face after getting a facial because it’s a common side effect of most facials. However, hydrafacial does not cause breakouts.

2- Can I Get a Hydrafacial During Pregnancy?

Due to the intensity of the ingredients used in facials, doctors typically recommend avoiding such treatments during pregnancy. However, hydrafacial is a procedure that can be modified to meet your personal skincare needs. In fact, a lot of pregnant women enjoy hydrafacial because they love the way it makes their skin glow.

3- Can I Get Hydrafacial After Botox?

There are patients who schedule hydrafacial and Botox treatments on the same day. In such a case, hydraf

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Gas & Electric Fireplaces in Toronto

by jack3 months ago

Are you looking for heat efficiency or aesthetics? Do you have access to a gas-line in your living room, or would you prefer electric? Are you looking for a self-regulated system or one with manual controls?These are just some of the questions that we help you answer when it comes to choosing the best fireplaces surrounding for your home. We understand that a fireplace is a centerpiece to any room, and we help you choose an appropriate option that fits your décor, budget and needs. Then our licenses and insured HVAC experts help take care of your fireplace installation needs.


We have exclusive partnerships with many of the biggest name brands in the market including: Valor, Napoleon, Regency and Dimplex, so you’ll be spoiled for choice no matter what your preferences are. Just call or visit one of our locations and we’ll assist you every step of the way.

Choose from a large selection of our timeless models and brands and call us for a free in-home estimate!

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Saves Time and Energy with Toronto Moving Services

The moving process is physically and emotionally draining if you are doing it on your own. It is going to be time-consuming as well. You may request some loved ones to help you, but what about the equipment and trucks? You are lucky if you have someone to borrow from. If you have none, your only option is to rent. If you are willing to shell out some cash, why not turn to Toronto moving company instead?


Moving companies have everything you need for your transfer — from the right equipment to the skilled workforce. Some take their services to a new level by offering storage. Below are 4 critical reasons to hire professional movers with storage facilities.

1. Saves Time and Energy

DIY moving involves: buying packing materials, calling your friends for help, packing your belongings, clearing up your old place, getting trucks and equipment, loading and unloading your things, and organizing your new home. Hiring saves you the time to do those tasks. It only takes a few hours

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