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Delight your special someone with a dozen roses for $19.99

With over 20 years of experience, we deliver the best fresh flowers in Toronto & the GTA Canada. We have professional florists in-house who are experienced enough to offer the nicest flower arrangements. We only choose the best flowers from the fields and work with the top growers in Ontario. This high level of commitment is what sets us apart from other flower stores.

  Lowest Prices

We offer the lowest prices for flower and flower bouquets. Nowadays, it is quite difficult to find high quality flowers along with low prices. However, we make sure that we maintain our standard and at the same time provide you with flowers at the lowest price. We strike a balance between quality and price.

Customers Are Our First Priority

Our customers are like our family and when they are happy we feel satisfied with our service. We value our customers and ensure that they receive the freshest flowers which have been recently hand-picked from farms. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Best laser hair removal & skin care services

Underarms and Arms Laser Hair Removal

Our lasers can remove hair from your arms or underarms in 15 minutes. Enjoy the speedy results!

Before & After Underarm Laser Hair Removal  

Once you’re committed to moving forward laser hair removal in Richmond Hill is the best place to have your treatment. Our Soprano laser equipment is endorsed by the FDA, and we can help you achieve your goal of permanent hair loss on your body.

Why Does Royal Laser Clinic Use Soprano Technology?

Soprano laser hair removal is one of the Alma Group’s top technologies. This new laser hair removal system helps our technicians give customers a painless, comfortable and long-lasting hair removal experience. The Soprano machine is an effective hair removal solution for all skin types, genders, and ages. The Soprano laser uses a continuous-in-motion, pain-free laser hair removal technique. The Soprano uses laser technology to gently produce heat in the pores and stop new hair growth in the hair follicl

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Modern Colocation Datacenter

Nuday is the first Canadian colocation data center that offers Smart Out Of Band management solution to the clients.

  • 1MW Facility (Phase 1)
  • Dedicated transformer from utility company
  • New Caterpillar Generator — Installed 2014
  • New Eaton Switching Gears — Installed 2014
  • 24 Hour Emergency Fuel
  • ASCO 7000 ATS
  • APC Symmetra Modular UPS Systems
  • A-B Power Option from different UPSs
  • Conveniently located at Markham Industrial Park
  • Easily accessible from 404 and 407
  • 231 Amber St. Close Proximity to IBM Campus
  • 4000 SQF Phase 1 Completed.
  • 24″ Raised Floor — by TATE
  • Expandable to 12000 SQF
  • Roof Right Access (Satellite Dishes / Wireless Antennas)
  • Building On-Net with Rogers, Cogeco, Bell and Hydro-One
  • Carrier Neutral
  • Multi-homed internet service availability
  • Low-priced Cross Connect to 151 Front St.
  • N+1 Cooling Capacity
  • Installed 100 Tons of Cooling Capacity

Brand New Datacenter in Markham, Designed by Racon Datacen

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Transitional Kitchen Designs

Transitional kitchen include elements of both traditional and contemporary design. Eclectic in nature, design is mix of natural and man-made materials as well as finishes and textures.


Cabinets in a transitional kitchen have a streamlined profile that falls just short of modern. Generally made of wood rather than a contemporary material such as lacquer, they sport simple paneled doors and sleek hardware. Part of what separates transitional kitchens from contemporary ones is that they allow for just a hint of decorative ornamentation. Millwork, corbels, windows, furnishings and more bridge the gap between fancy and plain.With time, transitional kitchen design style is taking over the traditional one. Homeowners are more into giving their kitchens simpler but pretty look that has a few shades of neutral colors and clean look. The fact that transitional kitchens bear a timeless and sophisticated look makes homeowners more inclined towards it.


Tango Design Studi

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Thread Lift

The Thread Lift Toronto procedure offers an immediate change in the physical appearance of the patient’s face, making it an effective replacement over cosmetic surgeries. Using micro threads that consist of biodegradable polymers, the skin is lifted and the facial structure is re-contoured according to the patient’s preference. The threads are inserted through tiny incisions made by a cosmetic expert so as to pull back sagging skin and smoothen out the texture of the face.The special thread used in this procedure also has a specific characteristic which stimulates collagen production over time as well. Increased collagen will then revitalize and give the patient’s skin a youthful glow.

  Medical Cosmetic Clinic

Over the span of a decade or more, cosmetic surgery has significantly grown in popularity due to the plethora of benefits that comes with it. The field of cosmetic treatments is incredibly diverse, giving you the flexibility to modify your genetics exactly how you w

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The Best Boilers in Toronto

The perfect heat source for your home’s radiant system, innovative gas boilers deliver consistent warmth without the noise and draft associated with forced air systems. The higher the AFUE percentage, the more energy efficient.We have a number of brands that all offer unique characteristics and will surely suit your home needs and your budget.

Here at Cozy Comfort Plus, we are dedicated to our customers. We make sure that our customers get the best products for the best prices. It is for this reason that our company continues to grow and expand. We believe in quality over quantity and that buying a good quality product that will last and that won’t give you any headaches is better than buying many poor quality products that will break often and require replacement. This is why here at Cozy Comfort Plus we only sell the best quality products that are reliable and require little to no maintenance.


If you are looking for a new Lennox boilers, Cozy Comfort Plus is the place

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Hire professional & licensed movers in Toronto

Before You Move: Planning & Estimate

Your moving company experience with TSC begins with estimating your move. You start this process either by giving us a call or filling our online estimate form.

If you live in the area, we will visit your place to evaluate the amount of inventory and packing work needed. This visit is FREE of charge and is part of our total service package.

If you are outside of Greater Toronto Area, we will speak with you in detail over the phone — and get all the information on your inventory and other important details to provide you with the quote.

Alternatively, you can use our online estimate form to submit your information. The form is quite detailed and will remind you to include those lawn chairs or the bike in the garage that you forgot to think about.

We will then provide you with a detailed cost estimate. We will stand by our quote: given that the information received from you is accurate, the price we charge you will be within the quote (or lower i

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Boxes and packing material for everything

Relocating, commercially or residentially is an activity people around the world undertake quite frequently. According to some surveys, 28% people in Canada feel an urge to move every five years while 14% feel like moving every year. The moving industry generates annual revenues of around $2 billion in the country and despite the technological advancements of the 21st century; boxes are still primary sources for storing and transporting contents of a house from one place to another.

  The hassle of procuring moving boxes

Most moving boxes company providers only cater to large orders of over 10 or 20 boxes but there might be cases when a person might not require such a huge quantity. Furthermore, a set might only consist of boxes of the same size and well frankly, not everyone wants that! Smaller houses or a single person moving to a new place wouldn’t have enough items to fit all those boxes and even if they buy that many, people don’t relocate every day and it’s not like

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The benefits of Hydrafacial

Hydrafacial is an amazing innovation that allows patients to come out an examination room with a fresher skin that they went in with without the fear of any infections and side effects because the treatment makes use of non-surgical ways to cleanse and hydrate the skin.

If you’re looking for that bright glowing look for a wedding, party or just because your skin looks dull as it is, feel free to contact us in order to set up an appointment for Hydrafacial. Our staff boasts an extensive amount of experience in the related field and you can rest assured that you’re is safe hands.

  What is Hydrafacial?

It is a three-step non-invasive procedure that hydrates, exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin to provide benefits of several skin treatments in one simple treatment without any of the irritation and side effects. It combines an invigorating spa treatment with advanced medical technology to generate instant long lasting results. Using a multi-step process that includes the foll

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Fireplaces Surroundings in Toronto

Are you looking for heat efficiency or aesthetics? Do you have access to a gas-line in your living room, or would you prefer electric? Are you looking for a self-regulated system or one with manual controls?These are just some of the questions that we help you answer when it comes to choosing the best fireplace for your home. We understand that a fireplace is a centerpiece to any room, and we help you choose an appropriate option that fits your décor, budget and needs. Then our licenses and insured HVAC experts help take care of your fireplace surrounding installation needs.We have exclusive partnerships with many of the biggest name brands in the market including: Valor, Napoleon, Regency and Dimplex, so you’ll be spoiled for choice no matter what your preferences are. Just call or visit one of our locations and we’ll assist you every step of the way.


Choose from a large selection of our timeless models and brands and call us for a free in-home estimate!One of our firepl

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