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Low prices and a good quality — is it really possible in the modern app development? When it comes to technologies, the cost of a product hides lots of mysteries for a business owner, and development companies use this advantage to neglect possible risks and offer a low-cost application.

During the past 5 years, new software development companies appeared in such countries as Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Czech Republic, and Belarus. The low development prices here can be explained by economic factors, but in fact, an entrepreneur should be always on the lookout.

Today, we share with you some behind-the-scenes information, so you could be aware of how much a cheap app development will eventually cost you.

Ways to Lower the Price Which Can Harm Your Business

When you find a company ready to offer you mobile app development services at a really low cost, you should always understand that this team uses some tricks to decrease the price. Each of th

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Top 11 Tips How to Improve Your SEO

Top Tips How to Improve Your SEO by InLogic SEO Company Dubai

Everyone in the world wants to do their work at the professional and the perfectionist manner. They did each and every thing to get the satisfactory output from their works they did. That is one of the explanations that many of the companies started enthusiastically anticipate in the work. This is why the SEO Companies Dubai working hard to gain their goals.

The SEO according to the search Engine techniques are changing with the time and there are few people and companies in the market that are offering the accurate and up to dated Search Engine Marketing Services in Dubai like InLogic IT. InLogic knows the techniques and the tools of searching the killer keyword research.


Here are the few SEO tips are listed below for you to understand and rank your website high in search Engines.

1. RankBrain

RankBrain is launched by Google is the machine learning Al system. It is one of the useful tools that are unveiled by the Goo

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10 Ways to Reach Your Customers on Social Media in Dubai UAE

Social media has swept globe like a sandstorm. There are many users who are active and are showing their availability. From the year 2014, UAE experienced the phenomenal increase in the growth of the active accounts.

It is considered being the one of the best and easiest ways for the business owners to introduce the products and the services to the targeted audience via social media. The strategies and the techniques should be applied and require the outside the box thinking. The social media expand your services globally among clients.

There are the following ways that are going to help you in increasing your clients, customers, sales and revenue by simply put out your excellent content. Through this, you are able to sell your products and services to the clients.

Here are the few tips that will help you to reach the customers on social media marketing.

1. Select the Right Social Media Channel for Marketing

There are many social media marketing services deliver by the social me

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When I had just started as a web designer, I already had some experience with front-end development. So instead of treating web design as coloring pages for kids (which sometimes young designers do), I wanted to take part in the entire process — from concept to design to actually solving world problems (first world..) — and I wanted to code it on my own, as I could.


Having these skills as a young product designer in a design agency enforced me to code stuff on a daily basis. This lead me, much like other web designers, to a professional identity crisis. I started asking myself questions, such as — “What is the border between design and code?”, “Should I really code stuff instead of design?”, “Does having developers in the process really makes it simpler?”, “Damn it! I’m wasting important design time on solving some #$%@ing code issues!”

As time passed, I realized more and more what was obvious — design is not only ‘look and feel’ or ‘visual identity language’ but also how things wo

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58 Best Link Building Tools To Boost Your Website Backlinks

In SEO Services UAE, the main focus is on the link building opportunities. The SEO Experts Dubai are trying hard to reach to the webmasters and made it possible to drive as many new links back to the web pages of your website. This all can be done for free. Online you are able to find the plenty of the tools that are ready and can make the process of link building process easier and as well as much faster.

Why Do I Use These Tools Anyway?

So now you might be asking, “Link Building sounds pretty simple… why do I need a bunch of advanced and potentially expensive tools to do it?”

The simple answer is: Because you will never achieve real SEO success without them.

Sure you can build some great links without any of these tools.

But it will take you years of work, countless pieces of content, and more rejections than most people can handle.

By taking advantage of a few simple extensions, softwares, and services, you can build an impressive backlink profile and earn a #1 ranking on Goog

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Top 20 IT Solutions Provider in Dubai

The competitiveness in a large degree based on various businesses effective and logical use of the information technology by the Low-Cost IT Solutions Provider Dubai. The main purpose and aim of the IT system are to provide the precise information at right time to a right people. The information is able to manipulate, track and store the correct collection data to the appropriate person when needed by them.

There are many advantages for using the Web Application Integration Services Dubai. The IT helps the businesses to communicate by using the emails, Instant messages video and audio calls become efficient and cheaper. With it, the globalization and culture gap brings down geographically and customers and different roles of the business. This technology will help for the companies to be available 24 hours a day all over a globe. It makes products and services to the customer’s doorstep.


In the current era, the IT services are the needs of every company and hire the services of IT

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33 SEO Tips & Tricks To Boost Your Website Traffic In Dubai UAE

If we really want to exist in the market, we are well-known with the importance of the website traffic for the business to make its worth. There are too many factors that are used to increase the traffic by the reputable SEO Expert Dubai. The few of these factors are social media linking and link building.

Technically the website traffic term means the amount of the send and receives data by the visitors of the website. The traffic is the essential part of the Search Engine Optimization Dubai. To understand the increasing or improve the traffic of the website, have knowledge of SEO.


You should also read: Reasons why your website is not at the top of Google?

If you are not much familiar with the Search engine optimization and want to know to boost the website traffic, then below are best 14 tips of SEO by SEO Agency Dubai, can help you out effectively in bringing the more traffic to your site.

1. Get A Domain With Your Keyword Phrase

Putting your keyword phrase in your domain nam

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Top 16 RFID Solutions Providers and Suppliers in Dubai UAE

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is the use of radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag attached to an object.  A tag can be read from up to several feet away and does not need to be within direct line-of-sight of the reader to be tracked.

How does a RFID system work?

A RFID system is made up of two parts: a tag or label and a reader. RFID Tags Dubai or labels are embedded with a transmitter and a receiver. The RFID components on the tags have two parts: a microchip that stores and processes information, and an antenna to receive and transmit a signal. The tag contains the specific serial number for one specific object.

To read the information encoded on a tag, a two-way radio transmitter-receiver called an interrogator or reader emits a signal to the tag using an antenna. The tag responds with the information written in its memory bank. The interrogator will then transmit the read results to an RFID computer program.

inlogic-how rfid works

There are two types of RFID tags: pa

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Top 20 SEO Services and Digital Marketing Companies in Dubai UAE

Nowadays, social media is having the significant impact on the people around the world. All the customers and consumers behave socially and are active. That is the cause the business owners are adapting the new era Digital Marketing Companies Dubai to become an active and drastic rise in the production.  It is important for the customers to get passionate and make your website more productive. This also helps in making the smaller retailer bigger with the fantastic Online Marketing Companies in Dubai services.


Here are few famous names of the companies that are known for the best digital services.

1. InLogic Digital Marketing Agency Dubai

InLogic IT is one of the top marketing agencies in Dubai. They are delivering the best and reliable business strategic planning to add to the sale and the traffic to the website. The extreme increase in the productivity of your business is the numerous efforts of the team.

The InLogic Digital Marketing Agency Dubai is having the dedicated staff

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Top 20 Mobile App Development Companies in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Middle East

Mobile Applications are changing how businesses work today. Decision makers & IT head in different businesses now understand the importance of mobile apps in their business strategies. While most of the  organizations  develop their enterprise mobile app, many are possibly about where to start.

To pick a best mobile app development company from various is not a simple task. There are numerous factors that must be kept wisely while picking a mobile app development company. I went on over the Internet digging out information about the top 20 mobile app development companies in UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Middle East. The result was strangely satisfying.

Based on my research I have tried to figure out all Mobile Application Development Companies which deserve to be placed in the ranks of the Top 10. So you can find easily.

The List Of Best 20 Trusted Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for 2017.

1. InLogic Mobile App Development Company Dubai continue reading →
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