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A Decentralised Approach to Identity Verification

      Cryptocurrencies and blockchain transactions are gaining traction in many parts of the world. With the exponential growth of the adoption of these technologies, combined with the parallel increase in the number of data breaches each year – over 1500 breaches and over 1 billion compromised records in the United States alone – businesses are facing growing public and regulatory pressure to fortify and strengthen the data security and identity verification and protection measures deployed within their operations. Entities leveraging blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, in particular, face relative difficulty regarding this, given that the entire realm is decentralised and is not confined to a single country or geographical region – this makes the data protection regulations placed on traditional businesses difficult to emulate within the blockchain realm. What is the challenge of identity verification via blockchain technology? There are three central focuses continue reading
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Cryptocurrency Regulation – South Korea’s Impact

    Crypto-traders can breathe a sigh of relief. One of the biggest fears and speculations that had the crypto world on edge in recent weeks was South Korea’s legislative maneuvers regarding cryptocurrency regulation. Many reports leading into the month of January indicated that the South Korean government was considering an all-out ban on cryptocurrency and crypto-markets, citing fears that it was hindering their anti-money laundering initiatives. However, the most recent statements from the government have put these fears to rest and it appears that the government has instead chosen the path of greater regulation as opposed to criminalisation.  

Following weeks of mixed messages from officials, the government officially announced in a statement released on January 23rd details of the new cryptocurrency regulation that kicked in on January 30th. While we are yet to see the full impact of the regulations, officials highlighted that the new regulations would only allow cryptocurrency t

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