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The hp laptop screen is black

by hpservices2 months ago
Dispose of static energy hp screen damage

The black screen problem can be fixed by removing the static electricity on the laptop system board by following these  hp 2000 screen replacement service center steps:  Remove the laptop battery, then remove the AC adapter. Press the POWER BUTTON button for 30 seconds. Reconnect the laptop to the AC adapter, and press the power button normally.

  Screen Capture

hp laptop Screen capture is the process of capturing the contents of the desktop environment on the screen, and is usually used to share current activity in the environment with a particular person or group, either to view something, to seek technical assistance, or otherwise. The screen shot may be a static image, or a visual recording, each with a method of execution.

hp screen

Cable connection problem

hp service center near me service center will be solve these screen problems, problem may be a problem with a wired cable connection inside the computer . This situation requires opening the laptop, fin

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