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Helmet Financing: New Approach to Buying Safety

Have you ever purchased a helmet online? I bet you have! But the real question is have you ever financed your motorcycle helmet? Sounds weird right? According to a recent road safety report by the Government of Canada, there has been an exponential increase in road injuries. When authorities conducted surveys in metropolitan cities like Kamloops, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto etc. It is found that people hesitate to buy safety helmets. On further investigation, it is found that good helmets cost a good chunk of money.  Lack of financing makes the situation worse. 

With this thought in mind, Helmet Store Canada; an online helmet store; has started helmet financing online.  This is a first step towards helping and saving lives on the road. People can simply provide basic details for a credit check. It takes approximately 10-12 minutes for the approval. On the basis of credit approval, the company provides a report on financed amount. 

There are different types of helmets available for sal

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