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When You Are In Need Of An Immigration Lawyer In Fairfax, VA

Immigration lawyers are independent practitioners who are dealing with and helping clients to face a wide range of immigration issues, such as, green cards, visas, citizenships, employment visas, and other reasons. You can hire an attorney or get their help through consultation. However, not every issue demands consultation of a lawyer.

The US laws are thorough and extremely complex, therefore, in most of the cases, hiring an attorney can save time. Following are the timings, and the reasons upon which you should call an immigration lawyer in Fairfax, VA:

  • The consultation of the attorney is necessary when there come uncertain queries on the eligibility of green card or on other immigration benefits
  • When you applied for any type of discretionary relief, like asylum, a waiver etc, and it demands persuasion of the authority. This persuasion will help you to make an exception or get benefits which are not offered to an applicant ordinarily.
  • When you are having difficulties in obtai
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